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  1. J

    Simple Fireside Recipe Collection

    This looks lovely, I would throw in some spring onions and a red pepper yum yum
  2. J

    Hi ya

    Hello thanks for the replies I forgot to mention I've just brought my 1st piece of o1 tool steel to try and make my own knife
  3. J

    show your modified Opinel knife

    Wow they look good I might have to have a play with my number 8
  4. J

    Knife making

    I just brought o1 steel 500mm x 40mm x 3mm of eBay for £14 as going to attempt my 1st knife
  5. J

    Hi ya

    Hi all I'm new to bushcraft so joined up to learn a bit from all u guys n girls, I have 3 children who also love playing with sticks, cooking on the fire and just being outside