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    Building My Bush Camp

    Hi everyone, Some of you probably already know that I’ve wanted to build a Bush Camp for the past few years. Well, more than a few years to be honest, but with work, raising three kids, etc. its been near impossible to find time to even get out on canoe trips in the summer. With the kids...
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    BCUK Canadian Canoe Expedition 12th May - 21st May 2014

    Sounds like a great trip.
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    Hello from Ontario Canada

    Its tough when life affects us like that. I practiced martial arts my entire life until my body told me that I had to stop.
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    Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hello everyone, This is my first post to introduce myself. My name's Jason, I'm a cedar strip canoe builder, outdoorsman and (amateur) independent film maker. I'm currently filming an ongoing bushcraft series (working on the eighth episode right now) that will give you more insight into who I...