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    Word association game

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    Word association game

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    Hello from Croatia

    Dobar Dan Simon and welcome to the forum. Spent a lot of time in Croatia - MUST go back sometime...
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    Second overnighter. What did I forget this time!

    Sounds like a good trip. Just one thing - I know honey from rhoddies is poisonous, so how safe is the wood to burn?
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    No-one camps till April....

    won't be able to get there in time tonight, but already spoken to my local Millets and I can make it there in time and they have what I want...
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    Expensive morning

    Where do I sign up for one?
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    No-one camps till April....

    Well, then I guess we're a very unfashionable lot, along with the scouts, Duke of Edinburgh groups, etc., etc.
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    No-one camps till April....

    Did have spares until I got married... only car camped for several years now...:(
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    No-one camps till April....

    So, just drove to a camping shop near work to buy a new stove for tomorrow's camp as I can't find mine. Saw gas, meths, repair kits but no stoves. Me: Excuse me, but where are your stoves? Snobby shop assistant: We don't stock any until the end of March. No-one goes camping before then. Was...
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    Change a Letter

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    Backpacking Dinner for Two Cooking Kits

    I'd also echo the Trangia - lightweight, several pots included, lid/frying pan, windshield - everything you need. Gas conversion gives better cooking time than meths and easier to control.
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    Why You Should Always Read The Small Print!

    could have been fun on a nice open fire...
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    Woodland Wild Camp: January 2017

    Sounds like a great trip - hopefully my trip this weekend will be as enjoyable.
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    Will give that a try. Cheers.
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    These are generally a cotton material (denim or similar), and didn't notice a 'let out pleat' on mine, but will take a look... Cheers.