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    Hammock with bug net recommendations for 6’5”

    DD's are great and I use one of them, I also have a Ticket to the Moon hammock and they seem a bit longer - you can customise them too.
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    Floods and Max Water Height

    Are people still taught to walk the route first? Not a great idea when it comes to rivers, but not unachievable either. It used to be a technique taught in the Army and was certainly taught for 'puddles' off road.
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    MORA laminated steel with Antler and stacked leather handle

    If you use Tapatalk app and use your phone to upload the photos, the images should show for everyone - I use this method as Flickr doesn't work on my work computer.
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    Blatantly nicked from elsewhere (cheers Marc :) )

    I always sign my documents with blue ink. (Always upsets my colleagues as black simply must be used :banghead:) but you can always tell if your signature has been photocopied with blue ink.
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    Poncho Woes

    NOTE: I forgot to mention this method is for the inside surface of a day-sack/pouch/poncho. I have seen a video in Youtube which shows you how to re-proof a poncho with silicon solution (made from Clear PVC mastic from a DIY store and white spirit). It is a really simple process and works too...
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    Hi any old soldiers about? "Shellscrape" question

    I'd be interested to see where this was (I couldn't find it anywhere). Have you got the link?
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    Welcome to the family. There are few people around Durham and up towards the Toon (I still pop up to Bishop area occasionally).
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    hard wearing wellies that will last

    Speaking as a tubby chap with big calves, are there any decent full length wellies out there which would fit my@ 53cm and have enough room to tuck my trousers in?
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    Out of Date Flare's?

    I believe the Bomb Disposal guys use the bridge over the River Trent near Nottingham (No Duff).
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    Ridge line and Prusik knot

    I also seem to remember reading somewhere that it was better to use a smaller diameter cord for prusik knots than the ridge line cord diameter as it grips better. Not sure if this is the case as I've always just used paracord, although I did toy with the idea of using dyneema for the ridge...
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    Coloured Surge

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    Coloured Surge

    Would this invalidate their lifetime guarantee?? Looks good though.
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    Hello from the North East

    Welcome to the family. :camping:
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    What’s stopping you?

    I move every two years with work (Army) so find it hard to make the connections and find places to go and enjoy the woods. I'd love to hammock and have a fire more but finding land or woods is damn near impossible. When I lived in Bicester, I went down the local MOD training area, as the...
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    MTP MK2 Issue gaiters... handed?

    Are they the ones which have 'touch and close' on them and does that go down the front? If they are the ones I am thinking of, I'm not sure they have a left and right as the only difference is the placing of the buckle on the strap underneath, but that should not affect their use...