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    Chilling in the wood..

    Sometimes that’s all you need fella Thanks for sharing HF
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    Trip Report Weekend in the lavvu.

    Great pictures of a tidy set up . Thanks for sharing HF
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    Wayland's Ditty Bag

    Great work there fella. I can only imagine the hours that went into the making of it.
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    Day Out Upsetting the locals

    Nice write up there fella. Thanks for sharing
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    Wanted ... small Tabasco sauces

    Sorted now thanks
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    Wanted ... small Tabasco sauces

    Nice one fella HF
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    Wanted ... small Tabasco sauces

    Hi I am after a couple of the small Tabasco sauces you get in the ration packs. Will exchange for 3 handmade antler keyrings by return of post. Thanks HF
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    Planning Why camp at that time of year?

    The joys of winter camp are that the nights are long and it gives you time to focus. Whether it’s reading , brushing up on some skills ( I enjoy netmaking) even the cooking of your evening meal seems to take on a new relevance. I bring my own wood as it gives me more daylight time for walking...
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    Planning Why camp at that time of year?

    All of my camping is done in the winter months as there are less humans about and being in Scotland there are no midges. Also prefer the snow and frost HF
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    Planning Dusting off the winter kit

    Weathers getting colder so it’s time to dust off the firebox and the winter kit. Have a few trips planned this year once the snow arrives . First plan is to get back to glentrool area for a few days and then up to glencoe for a week later in the year. Here’s a few pics of previous winter trips...
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    DEER LEG knife - how it is made

    Well done fella. I liked that, some nice skills at work there. Thanks for sharing HF
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    Planning Galloway Forest

    Loch bradan is nice. If you go in the entrance at Stinchar falls and go right along the road a few miles till you see the loch then veer left at the y junction there’s a nice secluded area overlooking the loch. Have fun fella HF
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    Planning Galloway Forest

    She sounds like a bit of a jobsworth mate. I’d be surprised if you see her on a Sunday tbh. Cheers HF
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    Planning Galloway Forest

    I would remind her that the forest park is there for everyone to enjoy as it is publicly owned and access to it is actively encouraged. The rules aren’t being broken and you will phone her office on Monday for clarification on her requests and that her attitude is a bit off. In the meantime I...
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    Planning Galloway Forest

    It is cracking. Some pics would be good next time Happy trails fella HF