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  1. Hugo

    The Bushcraft Store Knives

    I have the Boar folder in Turkish walnut, I was pleased with it until I noticed the blade is slightly bent.
  2. Hugo

    spoon for tea

    Nice tooled finish.
  3. Hugo

    Epic fatwood haul

    You lucky chap.
  4. Hugo

    Oh dear...

    Jack will be your best friend from now on.😂
  5. Hugo

    Happy boy this morning.

    I treated myself to some money. 😁 Sold a couple of feeling axes that I don't use yesterday to a friend.
  6. Hugo

    Hello from Sweden

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
  7. Hugo

    Axe head

    Nice axe, I have one the same, made a nice ash handle for mine. Good luck on your project.
  8. Hugo

    Do you 'cook' porridge

    On the camp fire! Milk oats some sugar, when it boils over its ready.
  9. Hugo

    Fjallraven Helags 40

    Yes discontinued now, I like mine a lot.)
  10. Hugo

    Optimus R8 multi-fuel stove restoration (Picture Heavy)

    Its a good stove, I have one that's well looked after.
  11. Hugo

    DD Frontline Hammock

    I have one, great piece of kit.
  12. Hugo

    16cm zebra billy

    The postage makes it unhelpful for me, but if your ever in the Brighton area let me know as I have one that's only been used twice, still has one of the stickers on it.
  13. Hugo

    Yet more spoons

    Hawthorn gets my vote.
  14. Hugo

    New pocket knife help

    I have the Boar TSB folder with Turkish walnut scales, it's a very versatile knife, I use mine for carving spoons when I'm out camping. Now one thing with the one that I have is the blade is slightly bent, it Pi**ed me off a bit but at the time I didn't send it back as I was unwell. I must say...