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    Once lived in a house with a walnut tree - most years there weren't that many and the squirrels usually beat me to them. But one year I had a bumper crop and I got loads. They were really delicious but my hands were so badly stained from picking them - even scouring pads wouldn't shift it (not...
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    Shower ? cleaning yourself clean !

    Good point Toddy. Saponin rich plants are one of the groups used as fishing toxins - so I'm guessing their effect is due to their de-oxygenating properties. The other main fishing toxins tend to be narcotic plants.
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    Help! Kefir Grains?

    Hi Sundowner, Im in Settle. Ive dehydrated my excess kefir grains so am happy to pass some on to you if you like. They should re-hydrate nicely. If they don't I'd be happy to pass on some fresh grains when mine have multiplied again. Yes I keep the fresh gains in milk. Probably be week after...
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    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Agreed. I've benefited from this thread a few times and usually the item I've passed on has been of greater value than the one I've received but that's not the he point - Ive picked up something I could use and passed on something I wasn't using. Woodstock has done just that and has offered more...
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    I need some help for my shed.

    Yeah, metal sheds are a b***er for condensation. Crosslandkelly is spot on, you'll need air vents. If you try and insulate without vents, unless you do a very good job (look online to see what some people use to insulate shipping containers!), you'll just get condensation between the metal...
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    I Blame Ray Mears - narrowly escaped widow maker

    Yes, very fond memories of 'out of town'. Got hold of the DVDs and made my wife watch - she wasn't impressed, said every episode seemed to be about carts! Dont know, still think a 'ray made me do it' t-shirt would be a great way of abrogating all responsibility for my actions. Want to wear...
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    Help! Kefir Grains?

    Hi folks My kefir grains have grown so much that I know have more than I can use. Would rather pass some on than throw some away if anyone is interested. Kefir is very versatile - as well as a probiotic drink, I've used it to make a soft cheese and to produce a sourdough starter.
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    I Blame Ray Mears - narrowly escaped widow maker

    Ha ha, love the t-shirt, so want one :lmao:
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    repair small hole in black ortlieb bergan liner??

    I second using a bike puncture repair kit - I've had success with that method.
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    New Carboot Tools

    Lovely job Tom - would be very happy to have made that mask for one of my choppers - the embossing looks good too. Not at all hamfisted, and I should know, I'm a master at hamfisted!
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    Bargain U.S. Military Trioxane Fuel Bars (Fuel or Fire-starter)

    Thought I'd missed the boat on this one but has it's not happened yet, can you put me down for 17 boxes as well. Thanks.
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    new firesteel for a SAK

    Fantastic idea, quite fancy those even though I always carry a light my fire scout on my key ring. If the makers can patent the design the way to go to really get it to market might be to license it to Victorinox - would have been thought they'd be interested.
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    Anyone use the 1700 tinderbox? How do you find it?

    I've got one and it works ok for me. Obviously not waterproof but I don't intend to get it submerged in water. Most people tend to keep them in a belt pouch or little leather bag, both of which Help to keep out the damp. Good thing about a brass tinder box like this is that you can strike...
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    Barbour International Trials Waxed Cotton Jacket - Black

    Price is at the foot of the post!!!
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    Vagabond bag - wax canvas and leather

    These seem like an absolute bargain. Very similar design to a Frost River bag I have which is a fantastic bag and I love it. But these are a lot cheaper and have the advantage of attachment patches on sides and base. Wax cotton and leather - these will be bomb proof and last a life time. Nice...