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  • Hi Pete,

    I recall looking at your fantastic work on aash axe helves and wondered if you would be up for a commission?

    A buddy in the states has sent me an original double bit cruiser axe head which I intend to refurbish.

    I was so impressed with your work when I saw it, I wondered if I could commision a helve from you if I shipped the head to you when done?

    Totally understand if its not something you do....just wanted to ask as your stuff is superb:)

    Pete, been looking at buying some wool pants and seem to remember a post that you had some?
    Seen some serge wool 30's swedish pants and wondered if these were the same you had if so whats the sizing like?
    I want the a bit bigger for layering but not sure how big to go?
    Hope this message finds you well,
    atb Dave
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