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  • Sorry, only just saw this! I was in Crawley, but I've just moved out towards Ash Vale
    Second half of my message :D

    If you're really interested you could have a read through the Council for British Archaeology site.
    They usually compile a list of excavations looking for volunteers or people who pay a little to come along and learn how to, and build up work experience.

    It's not easy, there are more archaeology graduates than there are jobs, but the degree is useful for a great many other employers. Land searches for instance, GIS, and Museum and Heritage centres.

    Does this help ? I can find you more information if you give me and idea of what might interest you.

    Kind regards,
    Hello :)
    Ah well, I'm a fair bit older than you, maybe it might be best if I explained how things work if you are interested in doing Archaeology as a career nowadays.

    There are two real routes into Archaeology. You can go to University and get an Archaeology degree and then maybe specialise ( I specialise in natural fibres and textile production, a fair bit of traditonal plant uses and some of the medicines of the past), or you can become a member of the Council of Field Archaeologists and then you mostly end up working on contract to Archaeology Services.
    Often the field archaeologists are incredibly capable and knowledgeable because they have built up a huge wealth of experience.

    My message is too long so I've split it here
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