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    Bulldog Brand Nesting Billy Pots

    To put together complete sets, at less than mortgage busting prices, I've resorted to searching for parts of the complete 6 piece kit,,, a lid here, a pot there, and soon I've another complete set. Some wealthy folk collect paintings, I collect, (or accumulate) billy pots and camp cookware. (Egg...
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    Bulldog Brand Nesting Billy Pots

    Given the small amount of actual cooking I do, I'm not too fretful of the real or supposed dreadful effects of aluminum on my brain. I'm mostly using the pots for boiling water or for mixing bowls, but people must be fearful of something I suppose Bulldog Brand did produce a nonstick version...
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    Bulldog Brand Nesting Billy Pots

    A Bulldog Brand pot lifter would be quite a coup,,, I'll keep looking. These older pots and their accoutrements have a greater appeal to me than most of the more modern offerings. Nostalgia perhaps in part, but there is a no nonsense usefulness about them as well.
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    Bulldog Brand Nesting Billy Pots

    Some weeks ago, for $10 at the thrift store, I picked up a 6-piece set of pots and lids marked only "Hong Kong". In trying to discover who made them, I discovered that they were in point of fact clones of Bulldog Brand Billy pots. Since that original find, I've acquired a couple of sets and...
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    I reckon it'll be great, when it gets here; for skinning bears, deer, and beaver. I've an old Solingen made knife of a similar shape with a sharpened swedge I've use to that purpose for well over 40 years. One knife, two totally different blades, and a spear point for splitting bones when...
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    Its been a while...... (Pic heavy)

    Nice knives ,,,
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    Close Encounter with Wolves!

    We see wolves here in our yard on occasion, and sometimes back in the bush. They are a secretive creature, but I often follow their tracks in the snow in winter to see how they hunt, or what they have killed. Nothing much so hair raising as to feel eyes watching me in the bush, then to look up...
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    Neolithic Cup and ring Explored!

    I've seen pictographs and carvings on stone in many places in the U.S. and Canada, and as with most every one else, I indulge myself in guessing why they were made, or what they signified. Then I think of the stones in cemeteries, each marked with someone's name, and some bit of something about...
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    Homesteading reality - in a picture

    When first we bought our 100 acre "homestead", Wolf Cairn Moor, I kept both beef and and dairy cows, pigs, chickens for meat and eggs, and rabbits. Herself wanted a garden, but she won't tend it, and I don't in general eat garden produce. Because of our very short summers, raising feed for our...
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    How to unhaft an axe.

    You could cut the helve off flush with the head, soak the head and the bit of remnant helve in water until the grains swell; this crushes the wood fibers in the axes eye. Once it has swelled as much as it will, set the head in a warm sunny place. With average luck, the crushed bit of helve in...
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    Possible bag and other bits for my Hawken rifle

    Well done,,, I could fancy myself carrying those, and wearing a pair of John Lobb bespoke Chelsea boots,,,
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    Our weekend in the woods

    Looks like a great place and a good time,, thank you for sharing it,,,
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    Bushcraft Girl's permanent camp - made ready for winter

    Great camp,,, thanks for sharing. When I see these permanent camps, it makes me want to bodge one up in the woods on my back-60.
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    Stockmans coat

    Sound like it would be a hoot, and I'll make sure to fetch along my kilt and a pair of chaps as well,,,
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    Stockmans coat

    Yes, and yodeling !!!! Ha,,, yodeling the melody to YMCA ?