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    canoeing and camping

    Loch Shiel springs to mind. Lots of places to camp on the shorelines and lots of wildlife to see. Other than that, have a look at Knoydart.
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    Aldi wildlife camera

    I've got 2 and find them really good. Take some time to experiment with them, as the IR lighting is quite bright and objects close to the camera tend to get over exposed/burnt out. Here's a pine marten: [/URL][/IMG]
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    Your #1 Best 'Get Fit' Tip?

    As Dark Horse Dave says above - try to get 10,000 steps in a day - pedometer are quite cheap. Look at your portion sizes - they are smaller than you are used to. Eat more fruit and veg. Set a target weight/fitness you want to be and stick at. I found that the Ultimate food value diary app...
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    Im looking for a specific book......

    +1 for Cache Lake country. Also, Calvin Rutstrum is good
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    what's in your fire tin

    Flint, traditional fire steel, birch bark, jute and charcloth. If I'm going out for a while then I'll have a ferrocerium rod, strips of rubber, cotton wool/vaseline, and more birch bark.
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    Removing anodised finish

    Caustic soda, but be careful as it will erode aluminium if you leave it immersed too long.
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    For those of us in the UK that have Sky, it will be on the History Channel at 2200 starting on Weds 24 Jun.
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    What did you see in the woods today?

    Walking in a wood and no more than 5 feet away from me a 'twig' fell to the ground. 'That sounds a bit heavy' thinks me. Get close to it and its no twig, it's a slow worm; bloodied and missing its tail, but still alive. I think that it must have been the planned lunch for a raptor, who I...
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    GPS Units, help me decide please!!

    No probs with either. I've found that the mapping gets expensive though as garmin only support their propriety mapping. Garmin basecamp is dreadful and I've found it quite hard to get to grips with.
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    Very big discount on Trekmates flameless heaters

    Just been to Oswald Bailey and they're selling the super power heat packs at £5.00 for 5. It's not something that I'd regularly use but great for a day out bimble, or in your car for emergencies; the food gets hot enough that you end up blowing on it to cool down each mouthful. Grab yourself...
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    Advice wanted - Canoo Trip Sweden

    Store Le is pretty good. Canodal are the local outfitters based in Ed and it's to get to from Goteburg. Have a look at the Song of the Paddle website - they have some reviews of various Swedish trips on there.
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    High temperature sheet material

    Have you tried annealed copper washers? (or some annealed soft brass?)
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    Historical Soldier's Kit

    I like the fact that the one item that's been a constant throughout the ages is a spoon.
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    Tick kit

    I saw this the other day - It's a tick test kit that shows you if the tick is infected: I've never heard of these before and don't know how effective they are, but I thought...
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    Therm-a-rest NeoAir Venture.... Or?

    For years I eschewed the cost of a thermorest and opted for a closed cell mat instead. Then I managed to try a thermorest and realised that I'd been a fool - the comfort level was way above the closed cell mat - what on earth was I thinking? My thermorest has served me well for many years and...