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    The End of Internet Knife Sales. Law change could target one-hand opening folders

    I recently listened to a lecture at New Scientist live by by Prof. Manuel Eisner,, he has analysed the reduction in murder since the 1300s around the world particularly male-on -male murder. From memory Four factors drive a reduction. Effective Police action, thinking you will be caught...
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    The End of Internet Knife Sales. Law change could target one-hand opening folders

    Aren't all explosive rounds Section 5? Lets see If the landed Gentry root through their gunrooms for any old .500 Nitro Express Holland and Hollands.
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    Bunkers - your very own...

    In the early 90's i went to an illegal Rave in London Borough of Lambeths bunker. From what I remember it was accessed from a hut on a piece of grass opposite the town hall.
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    20 year old car? Not interested then why a campervan?

    Buying a Grey or Parallel import makes you the Anti-Christ in a main Dealers eyes, you have stepped out of the Official Importer/Main Dealer chain and are an Outlaw unworthy of contempt. They have spent their entire working lives trying to force the country that the only way to buy a vehicle is...
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    Bargain!!! Wetterlings Small Axe

    Maybe If Ray Mears had used a Wetterlings it might have been GB who were taken over and closed
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    Bargain!!! Wetterlings Small Axe

    I've just bought a Wetterlings 104 Compact, it took a bit of finding and I had a few conversations with retailers. A couple said that the prices of Axes were going up now Wetterlings had gone and the Hultafors Mini was going to be over £70 (you can find it for £50 at the moment) and the GB...
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    Question regarding knife carry

    Morrisons are mainly in the Danelaw so probably Vikings..........Saxons like Aldi, must be a Germanic thing Normans tend to shop in Waitrose, Jutes like Lidl hence why there are so many in Kent especially in the Medway towns.
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    Best / Favourite UK Legal Pocket Knife..

    I have a U2 which is now aparently 101quid! And it's not very good either
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    Most unusual thing you've done with your own Swiss army knife?

    More dentistry I'm afraid, a wobbly milk tooth taken out, half way around a Crazy Golf Course in Greece. Pliers on a Swiss Champ and it came out with a little pop!
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    Where can I get a really rubbish knife?

    You shoulden't have shown me KM250 I'm getting strange memories of teenage longings, similar to those I get when I see photos of Glynis Barber or Peri the Dr Who companion............
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    Any bikers here???

    Guess I shoulden't mention my Green laner Honda CRM250 then
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    Wanted-sort of groundsleepers quilt

    Hi last month I went on cub camp I drove there and a wanted bit more luxury so I bought one of these to tell the truth an attack of claustrophobia in my old mummy style bag was...
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    Survival Bracelet

    Thats Brilliant...... how about adding a Spyderco bug
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    grub to leave in a pack

    What are these like? I was planning to get a few packs to feed to Beaver Scouts on camp, as a different mid morning snack. Will I just get them trying to spit them out into my hand...