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  1. Grooveski

    Would you polish metal in a lathe using a cloth?

    Thanks for explaining how to do it properly sasquatch. ...and for managing to word it so I didn't feel like a total pillock. I've done it that way myself at times and you're dead right - a file-like approach is far lower risk than shoe-shining. I mind the college briefing for using cloth...
  2. Grooveski

    Would you polish metal in a lathe using a cloth?

    Polishing cloth is a strip of heavy emery cloth. Comes in a range of grades on big rolls(in boxes like pizza boxes) about and inch and a half wide and yeah, is considered a perfectly normal way of finishing a job. You tear off a length of a foot and a half(or more depending on the job size)...
  3. Grooveski

    How many rucksacks do you have?

    Mad Dog Gear daypack(realtree) - Maybe 10l - Motorbike, cycling and general day-to-day. Karrimor Alpiniste 30(Blue) - Motorbike, climbing and the sailing canoe(it fits nice as a backrest). Highlander Forces 55(Green) - Summer hiking and weekenders in open canoes. Karrimor Jaguar 75('80s two-tone...
  4. Grooveski

    Any archery guru types out there? ? ?

    Nice choice. I've been tempted by those sooooo many times. :rolleyes: Already have an wee Internature horsebow affair but it's nowhere near as pretty as the Samick. You might want to wetform some thin vegtan to fit a handle. The one I tried had one fitted and the owner said he'd had trouble...
  5. Grooveski

    making a cache int he woods for

    My old cache was basically the camping setup from my teens. An old 206 stove, billy set, stainless sheath knife, cheap axe, pruning saw.... There was a ferro rod and a couple of lighters, fishing lures, cutlery, some spare tent pegs, a extra gas cannister and the rest of the space was usually...
  6. Grooveski

    Time for another axe

    I've been using a GB carpenter for a while as a carver and get on fine with it. Regularly try other folks axes at camp and have yet to come across one I prefer for roughing out bows and paddles. Did enjoy a shot of a GB Swedish carver once but it was too heavy for me. Shaves great. Quite a...
  7. Grooveski

    Cuillin Ridge - by bicycle

    Really enjoyed that, cheers for pointing it out. Incredible control. Doubt I could stay upright on even the 'easy' bits where he was cruising. Noticed recently that the beeb have what looks like a placeholder page up for one of the series of 'They who dare'. Hoping it's a prelude to a...
  8. Grooveski

    Goodbye....................... ........................

    There'll be bikers the country over dreaming up uses for 3" stainless circles and little M2 allen bolts. :p Shame to see some of them go. The Guzzi one's carbon fibre and anodised alloy - it's tricker than the bike is. :D
  9. Grooveski

    Loch Lomond, 19th - 21st September.

    Lovely photos. Looks like you all had a great time. It's fair put me in the mood as well. Inconel or Hastelloy would do too. Cladding strip is handy stuff. ;)
  10. Grooveski

    Airsoft what is it?

    Stand someone on the firing line(big field required) armed with a 7 or 8 iron. Like a clay shoot but all the archers shoot at once(ish) - so much fun it's addictive. For a real giggle do it on a windy day. ...or try to get a second arrow away - a long shot as the ball's dropping. ....or move...
  11. Grooveski

    Wish me luck?

    All the best Andy. Hope everything goes smoothly.
  12. Grooveski

    Cape Wrath Trail

    Fantastic Rich, well done the pair of you. :35: We were wondering how you'd got on. Just had a quick scan through - about to settle myself down with the map on the other monitor and have a proper read. :)
  13. Grooveski

    Loch Long.

    A few pics from the weekend. Between the glorious weather and total lack of midgies we were spoiled. I'd invited a pal along and we paddled out into the sunset/moonrise on thursday then Gaillaine appeared on friday. The whole trip was pretty mellow until the last 200m of the journey back when...
  14. Grooveski

    Loch Long.

    Have a loan of some wheels for the weekend so it's off to Loch Long/Goil for a wee paddle. If anyone fancies it I'll be at Big Oak. :) Josh
  15. Grooveski

    Loch Ken Overnighter

    Great stuff Micheal, the wee canoe looks ideal. :) Evan must be pretty used to the water given that he's been paddling since he was big enough to act as useful ballast. Won't be long before he's pointing at frothy stuff. "How about that river dad? Can we paddle it?" "ahhhhh...