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    Backpacks to carry rifle and game

    I the Vorn rucksack has a good reputation, they do various sizes like the one here -
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    Sold Wenger EvoWood 18 - SOSAK 2010 Knife

    I would like this please
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    Sold Victorinox Alox Saks

    Hi if tranid33 has not got them ! I would like them. Thanks
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    Group Buy Ghillie kettle Group buy 2019

    Arrived safely , excellent kettle , thanks for running the GB
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    Group Buy Ghillie kettle Group buy 2019

    Cheers Sandbag could I order THE ADVENTURER - HARD ANODISED & HOBO STOVE Please
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    RobEvans bushtool -A prybar that is very good at carving wood

    I really like the look of these, looking forward to getting one.
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    Trip Report Nordmarka area

    Excellent report , thanks. I might try something similar.
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    For Sale odds and ends books,pouches,camp equipment

    I’ll take the leather craft stuff please
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    Axe sheath

    Nice job
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    TBS knife?

    Hi I got the Lynx for my wife and got excited by the quality for the price , especially in the bargain bit of the website at the moment. I then ordered a Boar and the edc knife and have been very impressed with both. Great construction and nice sheath on the boar. I have a Grizzly coming and the...
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    Victorinox solo or victorinox GAK

    Both now obtained thanks
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    new firesteel for a SAK

    Yep, I have backed this, looks like a fun accessory!
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    Spyderco Endura VG10

    I'll take it please!