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  1. gorilla

    msr alpine kettle kelly kettle complete new bcb crusader solar charger catty

    kelly kettle please mate, if still available:)
  2. gorilla

    More sharps - final reductions

    3 and 4 please:)
  3. gorilla

    end of the world clearout

    i'll take the meal kit if still available cheers, and all the best
  4. gorilla

    Celtic Belt and Scottish Dirk

    i'll take half the leather if someone is up for the other half
  5. gorilla

    Victorinox Sentinel and Centurion

    i'll take the other one if it helps
  6. gorilla

    Biggish bushy clear out.

    pm seems to be playing up again - get me on BritishBlades about tyhe sheath mate - waiting too long for replies here
  7. gorilla

    Biggish bushy clear out.

    i'll take the leather sheath please
  8. gorilla

    Big clear out Part 1

    I'll take both slicing knives please - pm sent
  9. gorilla

    Smokepole Folding Biltong knife

    judging by the 2 fixed blade biltong knives i have, it's the blade shape, although this will happily cut other stuff, as any other knife could cut biltong! it was made in S. Africa though, so i guess they know more than us:)
  10. gorilla

    Smokepole Folding Biltong knife

    bottom 1 in the pic - unused, 01 with paduak handles and 3mm brass liners - solid as a rock, just not getting used. made by smokepole - an excellent SA maker trade value £50 (ish) looking for; blade blanks of any kind (in particular a short stick tang blade, about 60mm blade length) mosaic...
  11. gorilla

    New clothes for some saks:)

    already taking them over on BB mate - happy to do so here:) thanks for the kind words everyone
  12. gorilla

    New clothes for some saks:)

    been busy in the shed for a few weeks, and have knocked up a few sak refurbs:) Not sure of half the models - that's an evening on sakwiki working that out:O a couple of these are cpmmissions, but most are just on saks i had lying around:) Black Walnut Nomad Purpleheart on the left, Ivory...
  13. gorilla

    Bits and bobs to fill a pocket or an hour or two

    mini champ please mate