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    SSSI woodland

    Thanks Broch I have been informed by the agent today that the parcel of woodland is classed as 'amenity woodland' not suitable for cop pice, so will delve further into this. Not interested in a commercial venture purely for pleasure, also sporting rights are included.
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    SSSI woodland

    I'm looking for some advise from those in the know, I have come across a piece of woodland for sale which is part of a 200 acre site, however the whole wood is SSSI, now all I want it for is to get out and practise bushcraft with the occasional sleep out, I have been trying to find out what I...
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    SSSI woodland

    Double post apologies
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    Trip Report By the river , snow in the night

    Sure is a nice spot very scenic
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    Clean fine abrasive for hardwood.

    + 1 for micromesh
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    Making a custom ferro rod

    A nice finished piece, well done
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    Moose hunting

    Gcckoka thanks for the flashlight link
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    Moose hunting

    Nice write up and video, well done. What was the make of the flashlight you showed ?
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    Next tattoo suggestion

    Yes I like that tattoo, quite different
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    New British fungi foraging book in the pipeline

    Just ordered one from Green Books, great offer thank you
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    Leather Holder For My New E-Cig & Quitting Smoking Attempt.....

    Thanks Angst will certainly give it some thought, your right when you say there is something about a real smoke, I too smoke rollies no filter, it is indeed a bad habit to have acquired.
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    Leather Holder For My New E-Cig & Quitting Smoking Attempt.....

    Hi Angst, hope you don't mind me asking what strength liquid are you using, as I have been thinking about these e cigs. Thanks in advance
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    Kent group Pub meet - 9th February

    Lyn (Birchwood) I think you missed the question I asked. It was for the dates only and then a pm could be sent to the organiser.
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    Kent group Pub meet - 9th February

    Won't be able to attend this, however I would like to suggest that the dates of potential meets are put on forum, so that if people can attend they can pm organiser for location etc. It seems to work for other areas.
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    Stropping - Compounds?

    Thanks for the link just ordered some pink and green, cheaper than using autosol my current compound