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    Wilderness Gathering 2015

    Had a ball at TWG 15 along with my 8 yr old son Jed, lots to see and do along with the usual wallet emptying temptations. We spent the evenings in Dave Budd's man crèche so thanks all the good folk who frequented this year...... Glen
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    The big one!!

    Hey Ivan, just put the date in the diary Looking forward to it already. Glen
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    Can anybody help an American with advice on Hawke rifle scopes?

    Steyr Scout.....I have always wanted one but they always hold their money, maybe one day!
  4. GlenM

    Bushcrafting stereotype

    How about a Bushcraft calandar, good enough for the W.I.! no guesses as to who's Mr January! Glen
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    Army desert boots ?

    I prefer Danner desert Arcadia's, much better boot than my last pair of Meindls.
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    Hi , plenty of people here from Cornwall fella , look up the Cornwall RV 2011. It's organised by Footsteps Of Discovery and a lot of the Kernow contingent attend the meet at easter. Probably the quickest and easiest way to meet like minded folk. Glen
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    A Down underquilt in the U.K. ?

    Got there eventually , thanks guys. Glen
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    A Down underquilt in the U.K. ?

    What's his name on here ? Glen
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    A Down underquilt in the U.K. ?

    I am searching for a quality down filled underquilt from the U.K. Is there such a thing ? I know about the U.S stuff, Speer, JrB etc but I cant seem to find one from this side of the pond. I bet someone knows something ! Glen
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    Mid layer alternatives to Swanni and Bison

    The lads at Green craft do a very nice wool shirt called The Cowdry shirt , I cant remember the cost but you could contact Neil or Leon for a price. Glen
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    welly liners

    Treat yourself to some Muckboots , then you wont need liners. Glen
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    Exped Synmat or Downmat

    I bought a 9DLX last year and it stopped me using my hammock, it really is that comfortable. I have used Thermarests for years previously and can't recall a total nights sleep like you do in your own bed. No problem for a downmat though , Buy it ! you wont regret it. Glen
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    How much water do you carry?

    That looks like Red ochre to me , it might be from an old mining adit. Check a map of the area for evidence of mining activity. Glen
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    Glastonbury 2010

    I most certainly am ! there's a few of us Cornish boys gonna check out the Worzels . There's a load of lads from Port Issac called Fishermans friends who will get our support aswell. My youngest boy is 3 and my eldest is 16 so both ends of the spectrum. It's their first Glastonbury although...
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    Glastonbury 2010

    I can see a meet up for a beer developing at the Greencraft field !! Glen