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    Unknown lifeform found in sewer

    Looks like an aged prolapse to me
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    Most underated band?

    Bad Brains has got to be there as the best Hardcorepunk/reggiedub bands of all time
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    The Power of Lard.
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    anybody keep hens ?

    i,ve got four of the most chilled hens ever ,until a Wood Pigeon landed in the garden.They attacked it straight away so I had to run out and grab the poor pigeon before they leathered.Chickens are merciless buggers!
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    wild camping in Northants?

    Cheers for replies peeps,I can't understand how such a rural county has got very few legit places to go.Have to go further abroad I think.
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    wild camping in Northants?

    Does anyone have any recommendations of places to go in Northan ts.I've heard Grendon Lakes is ok ,at least you can have an open fire.Thanks
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    Sausage in lard

    Here it comes ,it goes quark ,quark.
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    Sausage in lard

    Any buttie combination as long as its got Hendersons Relish on it does it for me
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    Another gas bottle wood burner

    SSS are also a scouse thrash metal band...