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    How many rucksacks do you have?

    I have only one. The Bergans Powerframe 130L+ customized for me with 214 liters and some improvements in case of back length and details.
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    December or January winter trip over sea's

    I would prefer Norway. About 30 kilometers out of Oslo you are in the middle of nowhere. The Teepee is a good idea. When I was in northern Finnland my Tentipi and the stove saved my life. There I made a winter-survival-education together with the finnish army. There is a really interesting...
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    Old man walking

    Oh, that´s easy to do because in my backpack is all I possess. It´s about 60 kilogram of equipment. I will make a list and some photos. In Germany the equipment-freaks want to know always absolute everything incl. producer, price, size and so on. Many parts are not really bushcrafty. But I will...
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    New boy...

    Thank you :)
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    Sale/auction in favor to a good cause

    Hi guys. I have a lot of outdoor-equipment and stuff I don´t need. Wether it´s used and I don´t need it anymore or it´s absolute new and I didn´t use it because of concept-changes. I never bought/sold anything in the internet and I don´t want to change this fact. But I want to give this...
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    Help to identify knife

    Exactly. And for use on bigger and softer cheese this wooden part was detachable. In the later years these wooden parts were forbidden because of some nasty accidents. Instead of this wooden part the blades got more flat spines. After that came the cut-outs in the blades which decreases the...
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    Help to identify knife

    That was easy because I have a gardener-knife and a bread-knife from this producer :)
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    New boy...

    Welcome on board, Sir. What is ACF? (sorry, I´m from Germany and not familar with britisch shorts) :)
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    Spark-lite firestarters - avalibility in the UK?

    One question please: Why do you want to use such a firestarter? I think it has a lot of mechanical components which can be damaged or destroyed. And you have to use this particular tinder. I use ferrocerium firestarters. I bought two rods, both about 20 cm long ( one I shortened to get them...
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    Bullace? Cherry Plum? Other?

    No, there are no restrictions, but the imported plant would survive about a year, maybe two, and then it will die because plants normally need about 4-5 years to get a resistence against some infections. It´s a huge problem worldwide because each and every day thousands of new breedings apear on...
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    Old man walking

    I will do so!
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    Old man walking

    Honestly, Lancashire looks exactly like how germans irmagine Great Britain. Very beautyful landscapes and natur. Incredible. But that will become my major-problem in GB because you have so many great and beautyful landscapes in GB. Hiking around Great Britains coast means about 4,500 kilometers...
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    Old man walking

    Thanky you very much. All of you are so friendly. Is that normal for people in GB or is it a speciality of British Bushcrafters? :) Pembrokeshire looks great, it is on my way, you have a coastal path, so yes - it sounds good for a visit. Thanks alot.:-)
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    Pine Tar Soap

    What a pitty, I have to stink for the rest of my life because I don´t have paypal.:D
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    Stuck zip

    Plastic teeth and metal slider you should try with cooling down with a lighter-gas-refiller to loosen because the plastic will shrink quicker than the metal. That should work. For maintenance you can use almost everything depending on the material of the bag/trouser/satchel whatever. If the...