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    quidco (and others)

    There's also Top Cash Back ( , which is the only one I've personally used. It would seem to do it a bit differently since it doesn't take any of your earnings, just seem to pass it all on. It basically works like this i think. They have affiliate links with lots of...
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    Field Cooker attached to tree

    Quite funny I thought ;) "field cooker by stefano santilli of studio22a, is a portable device which was designed to prepare and fry wild mushrooms. field cooker aims to encourage the consumption of nature. the device attaches to a tree which becomes both an outdoor kitchen and resting...
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    important (for me) Nanok question

    As mentioned above, they are pretty solid. I haven't got the roughest hands / feet ("computer hands" as my brother likes to remind me) but wouldn't see that as a problem. If you were concerned though for the foot area, then all the Nanok SF's have a really nice "boot well" that sits inside...
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    reviews on mosquito hammocks?

    I got one for one of my friends, after I tried out another friends one last year. Decent bit of kit.. echo all the above, but especially Sickboy's comment on the tarp size. Never been keen on diamond tarps myself, and on a particularly rainy night, my friends one let a little in at the end. I...
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    Camping in france ?

    Can't help out with a site, but I was thinking about doing a similar thing a while back. I wanted it to be more of a kayaking tour, camp out trip than a proper camp site, but remember getting lots of info back about open fires being a big no-no in the Rhone valley. I'll try find the info...
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    Happy Birthday Giancarlo

    Ahh you little so and so's! Thought it was going to slip past then... ta Johan :o Had a great day actually for the big 3-0 , nice and easy... No bushy presents today, but having a little party on Sat so that might bring some :D Cheers guys
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    viewing threads from work PC

    It will probably be the people who added there skype name to their profile... like me :( When we post it puts that in the post header i think. hope that helps... if you can read this now of course! :) Cheers Carlo
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    web buliding

    The clickable image/picture routine still isn't very effective these days guys. Robots can see it in the source. Even if you use Javascript encrypted one apparently some can still get it. One way is to use a CAPTCHA ( ), those boxes with the strange word /...
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    Limpets, Razor fish and mussels

    My family cook Limpets traditionally something like this (Madeiran recipe). ( taken from there, 2 more also) Think we used to cook them longer than "a few seconds" though. Nice if done right, chewy. Same thing can be...
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    Wool jumper

    Yep, I got mine along with a pair of their docker cargo pants for the Summer Moot. Decent jumper, nice and warm and looks half decent i think. Someone else has one on here, since I bumped into them at the Moot and she noticed we had the same one one, so we couldn't stand next to each other ;)...
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    O.t.t .. S.a.k?

    Ok, perhaps too many abbreviation ? :) Check this out though "Fits in my pocket nicely".. some big pockets you have there mate! (before you go and buy one, I think it's just a joke) Cheers :) Carlo
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    Kit reviews?

    It could be a good idea i think. Also takes the strain of someone having to create a special in depth review. I had a look to see if there was any PHP review / rating application out there that could do it.. seems to be a few but none that really fitted exactly what you were after. I'm working...
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    Happy Birthday Womble

    Oops, missed this.. Happy Birthday mate.. have fun sitting on the "Throne of Decadence" ;)
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    Trips Money Can't Buy - Repeat

    Got the iPlayer down last night and watching it again now. Jodie's right about the updating and then installing this and that.. but it got there in the end. Quality seems pretty decent for a 485mb download and you can watch it in Windows Media Player rather than the iPlayer (won't work in VLC...
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    Crusader Cup Lids

    I just got mine last week but not had a chance to get out with it. I'll be doing a little review on my blog when I get the chance tho :) Think Red has some good pics of it in use, even though he's "pimped" it with a black version twist. Cheers Carlo