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    Pre Moot courses

    Great, thanks for that Eric. Will be able to have lunch on the way. See you all there. Geoff
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    Pre Moot courses

    Yeah saw that thanks. It's just that Monday afternoon is a bit vague, was hoping for a time, don't want to sit arround in that expensive carpark for hours. Geoff
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    Pre Moot courses

    I have now paid for the green woodworking and leatherworking course but would like to know if we have an arrival time on site? Just need to make plans. Geoff
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    Asado en el cuero

    Might have gussed you would see this Spike:) Geoff
  5. geoff88

    Asado en el cuero

    Lol a spatchcocked cow. Love it. Geoff
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    WANTED a splitting maul

    I think I've seen these in B&Q or Homebase for under £10. Bought mine in either Aldi or Lidl for £7. Geoff
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    Wild Foods Weekend for bcuk members: 8th - 10th October 2010

    Why has the price risen by £60? Geoff
  8. geoff88

    Wild Foods Weekend for bcuk members: 8th - 10th October 2010

    Yes I'm very interested in this course. Geoff
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    Knives & kit & knife making galore!!

    SRM 710 please. Geoff
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    Ventile Smock

    No good for me, thanks Stu. Geoff
  11. geoff88

    Ventile Smock

    Er, size? Geoff
  12. geoff88

    Something I'd not tried before...

    I've used them to make pesto sauce. Just replace the basil with the ramsoms. Must try the yogurt idea tho. Geoff
  13. geoff88

    Whos going???

    Oh yes. Insha'Allah. Geoff
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    Colloidal silver generator

    Did you ever hear of Google? Geoff
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    bushcraft and survival mag

    Sorry to hear what's happened Dave. Like many people here I only ever bought a few copies but always liked your articles. The one where you used a kukri to butter toast was great.:lmao: Sure something will turn up and you get to spend more time in your wood. See you at the knife show I expect...