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    Fantastic! I am now on the case for North east England! all the best mate
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    New site for north east!

    i forgot my camera!! but the lads were cooking using a dutch oven on top of a log candle...pretty cool! o yeah and ive just picked up my parachute
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    bamboo steamers

    Hi all it's been a while since i last posted so i thought i would show yous all the bamboo steamers i have. ray mears did a great show in Vietnam cooking shrimps, rice and pineapple using green bamboo we are heading out art some point to try some rice so ill post some more photos when i...
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    New site for north east!

    gaz1210 looking forward to it
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    New site for north east!

    quick update, we will hopefully be being joined on saturday by james and archie for a demo and a bit of a natter, the skill show this time will be small scale charcoal production and dont forget people are welcome to camp over, there is dry firewood available by the net on site
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    Camp out at new site in beamish

    in an ideal world you wouldnt have bust your axe shaft...great times though! we didnt manage to cook on the candle but i have done the odd omelette on them before loads of heat!!:aargh4:
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    Camp out at new site in beamish

    It's the newest wild/bushcraft site in Durham, we will be hosting monthly meet ups with a different seasonal theme/craft demo each time, all are welcome
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    Camp out at new site in beamish

    please speak to juggernaut about any axe related faux pas:lmao:
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    Camp out at new site in beamish

    hey mate! it's a nice sheltered spot and has some lovely walks very close :)
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    Camp out at new site in beamish

    Hi all me my girlfriend and two mates headed over to a new wild camp site just outside of Beamish county durham we had a great time here are some pics
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    Recommended Campsites

    Hi all me and my girlfriend met up with some mates over the last week at a new little known wild site just outside of beamish county durham. it's set in 30 acres of pine woodland, small controlled fires are welcome, the site has car parking, a portaloo and running water just pull up and pitch...
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    next meet at cowclose 26-27-28th july

    Hi all heres the dates for the next bushcraft meet at Cowclose wood on the weekend of the 26 to the 28th of july we are holding another working party with the opportunity to camp for free over the whole weekend in return for a bit of graft there will be lots of things going on such as a tree...
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    BcUK Photograph of 2013 competition

    yawn were are your photos gents???
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    First ever meet at Cowclose County Durham

    wow ll the photos look great! ok so lets talk bout the next meeting, ive found n area thts flat with n abundence of brash to cler so im wainting t make a start on the brash round house how does the weekend of the 24th of my sound?
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    North East

    No bookings so far on the 4th of may at Cowclose