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    Tengus Mammoth Bonanza!

    If you still have the three butchers knives drop me a PM with your details and I'll have those. thanks
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    Beginners Bow and arrow Tuning...

    You may find the Archers Reference Manual useful too (if you ain't already found it)
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    First Leatherwork projects! Sheath/Belt/Pouch/Gloves.

    great work dude. reminds me that i really must finish that first sheath I've had sitting around for too long....
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    Lots of stuff, tactical jacket, watch, Ipod, funds needed

    watch received saturday, many thanks
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    Lots of stuff, tactical jacket, watch, Ipod, funds needed

    I'll take the watch please, DM incoming...
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    Celebrating recovery :D

    Congrats on the recovery. Are we going to see you more on the archery than the leatherwork now then?
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    Messing around with candles

    Hmm, I wonder if it'd be possible to make something that goes on the top of an opened can. Leaving the can without any change (just using it as a fuel reservoir) and the attachment has a wick, some method of suitable seal around the opening, reflector and hanger/handle all in one reusable...
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    Greetings from Scottish borders

    Interesting idea. Sounds a little like the cooperatives that are buying village pubs? ( nb could you use a PO box for the address? or a friendly lawyer (yes there are such things, just rarer than hens teeth ;)
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    Small pouch tutorial

    When the talk is of crafts dying out they can't have been on this forum, its a craft of its own right! That's a brilliant tutorial, and inspired me to have a go. No idea what i'll use it for, but I'm sure something will come about.
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    MSR MicroZoid (pic heavy)

    sorry, but that's not a tent. its wired underwear. if you wanna go that light become an angel! ;)
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    Backyard bushcraft course

    Forgive me being a complete pillock, but what date(s) are you doing this? Also how big a group are you thinking?
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    water bladder

    +1 on the camelback, but they are a pain to clean. A tip I learnt from a mountain biking forum was to use denture cleaning tablets - after use, rinse it out, fill 85% and throw a tablet in. let it fizz a little while with the top open, close, shake & allow to stand then rinse & dry. another tip...
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    The Stone Roses

    nah, Primals had a stand in. a double shift would have been an absolute killer
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    Longbow help

    I'd agree with mountainm, some backing, perhaps a wrap of some form will mean that when (it is a longbow afterall) it breaks it's less likely to spin around and take your front teeth out. saw that happen at the range when an aly riser broke, the limb to rotated nicely into the gent's face. he...
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    Thank you.

    Hey Guys, Most important thing: Big thanks to the organisers. I did get a few photos on my phone, mostly from my wander Sunday morning, link below