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    No-one gets it perfect first time around, if we all did no-one would bother keeping at it and producing some works of art. Next one will be better but for a first attempt there is nowt wrong with it.:bigok:
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    Knives sharpening DMT diamonds

    They will dull eventually but if you look after them DMT diamond stones will last an awful long time. I was advised by them when I bought one to use a Staedtler pencil eraser occasionally to clean the metal from the diamond face, and to use water as a lubricant but dry the stone immediately...
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    When to stain /oil carving

    If the wood for the spoon was green (wet) when carved leave it in some wood shavings for a few days to dry slowly. I would then oil it with walnut oil which will darken it slightly but does not go rancid.
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    Plastic string/rope: wrong or right?

    I am all for re-using stuff or re-purposing but don't like buying kit to do the job that can be done easily. the Hamster has a video of how to do this here. Nicely done video too. Rob.
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    Hammock Tripod Bracket Thingy Needed

    You can get stainless steel ring nuts, we used them on boats occasionally just add one to the bolt fixing you have.
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    Mora knife leather sheath

    Hey Leo, did you put a welt in the stitched edge? Can't tell from your pic's, and probably won't help with the sharpness issue unless you stitched it with wire. Looks real nice, my first attempt ended up wrong handed so got re-purposed :facepalm:
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    Novice wood carving kit

    As most are focusing on tools, with very valid points may I say, from my experience on having little space to work and ease of clean up two things helped me enormously. 1) a good quality dust sheet 2) a Black and Decker workmate Both tidy away with little footprint, the sheet keeps all tidy and...
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    Useful implements

    I like quirky or offset spoonage. Those look useful which is all that matters in a camp kitchen. :thumbsup:
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    Made a chopping block

    Looking good and you can always swap out the legs later if you source some thicker stuff. :thumbsup:
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    A Nice Chest

    Judging by the marking out lines still scribed into the dovetail joint areas and that all of the brass fittings are surface fixed it is the work of Mr Jamieson to hold his tools during his apprenticeship. High end cabinets would have had inset brass fittings and the gauge lines planed off. The...
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    English Country Life YouTube channel

    Just to say I have been watching their videos and find them well thought out and interesting. British Reds relaxed manner is a refreshing change to some other channels out there. Well worth taking a look, IMHO. Rob.
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    1st Spork

    Absolutely agree. I think there are three grades of satisfaction for makers regardless of the materials used: 1/ making for own use. 2/ making for someone you care about 3/ making for a stranger who pays you The middle one is usually the one you stress about the most!! Good work Sundowner btw...
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    My first Kuksa....

    :D It looks exactly like my first coffee in my first kuksa which is definitely not one of those commercial round ones. @Barney Rubble leave it as it is and treasure it, use it as a model for future carvings so you can develop both your skills and designs as you wish. ScottE's sentiment covers...
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    Spoon carving frustrations

    When working difficult grain on a spoon project utilise the stop cut method that we employ when working with an axe. Use the knife to make small 'V' cuts across the grain so the knife does not blindly follow the easiest grain route.
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    Spoon carving frustrations

    I think the biggest problem facing spoon carvers is the same as anyone who works with wood, just in a smaller work sample. Learning to read the wood. You can garner as many skills with tool handling as you like but if you can't preempt what the grain of the wood (or the stresses inherent due to...