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    Where's a good place to meet up in Dublin?

    O'Neills is also across the road from the Tourist Office. Enjoy the trip over. Bring a brolly ! :)
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    Hand Forged Firesteels

    Mine arrived this morning. Great bit of kit. Thank you.
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    ESEE RAT4 - Plain edge - as new

    Hi, I'm looking for an ESEE RAT4 with plain edge in new condition. Desert finish preferred, but open to all offers. Thanks, Adrian.
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    Spyderco FRN UKPK - Blue with serrated blade

    I'll take it if it's still available.
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    How will bushcrafters deal with the x-ray lamp posts?

    scary. Anyone read The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks ? (fiction ;)) He's based a novel on a future built around post 9/11 government plans to "protect" the population. looks like you're well on the way.
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    Firesteel - Ireland

    hi, you can get the LightMyFire steels from Great Outdoors (was there yesterday) and Army Bargains. they are around €16 for the army model i think.
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    Few sheath's for sale

    f1 sheath arrived today. very happy with it. thank you. A.
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    Any interest in a Para cord group buy ???

    fair play to ye RB, cord and other nice stuff arrived today. Thanks for organising the GB. A.
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    Any interest in a Para cord group buy ???

    PP Sent, Thanks RB.
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    Review of Shimano Exage mini telescopic travel spinning rod.

    i ordered the 270 from Monday lunchtime, it arrived at my door on Wednesday morning. Considering I live in Ireland, that is fantasic service. I'll be off to the canal this weekend to try it out. It does look like a great rod for light piking.
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    Any interest in a Para cord group buy ???

    put me down for 2 x 100' Olive and 1 x 100' Black. Thanks, Adrian
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    Bruce Parry Tribe 2

    it looked like the stool they were using around the camp.
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    Telescopic fishing rods

    thanks for the link AJB. lost the top section of my favorite pike rod off the side of the boat on saturday...doh! think i'll get one of these to ease the pain a little :)
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    suede desert type boots

    how about rogue RV-2 LTK LITE don't have a pair myself, but their boots have a good reputation.
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    BB bandwidth limit?

    sometimes they expect you to throw a few quid at them to get through the rest of the month. I do enjoy lurking on BCUK, but Friday evening doesn't seem the same without BB.