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    Day Out Highlights of a two hour walk from my front door

    That shell house looks amazing . What sort of area is it in
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    Anvils: A beginner buyers guide

    Looking at the Arrow i would say its the the arrow which adorns most military/forces owned stuff
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    Anything near basingstoke

    Any groups or meet ups near basingstoke when this is all over
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    Hi hows it going, I seem to remember some time ago somebody was asking for hatchet...

    Hi hows it going, I seem to remember some time ago somebody was asking for hatchet recomendations and you mentioned one and the price was very reasonable compared to others out there. I thought I had saved the link but alas no
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    A Challenge Warwick Castle

    Must admit Warwick has turned to more of theme park(london dungeon style), Went about 5 years and was,nt that impressed was better many years ago late 90's early 00's before it changed. Spent weekend there on there medieval festival weekends as a re-enactor also doing the have a go archery for...
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    power banks(solar or not) recomendations

    Looking at getting a power bank , solar would be great and also the option to charge ir from the mains. Been looking on ebay and amazon and theres so many. but which one and recomendations
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    What excites you about spring arriving?

    For me has to be all my ferrets(22 of them) start to get more bouncy and more awake when you go and see them out in there shed
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    You could a table or some beer mats or some of interesting pattern with them, then cover with clear epoxy resin, quite a popular thing to do. Im currently saving a few up to do something simialr. Some people have done vairous floors with them or pennys using the same process. eg...
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    Traditional kit

    Sorry dreadhead completley random but just sat watching The celts: Blood,Iron and sacrifice with Alice roberts from 2015 and swear i saw you in one of the scenes inside the celtic fort, I know you do a bit of re-enactment, I do as well down south
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    For Sale Handmade shoulder / Messenger bag 1000D Cordura

    Did this go in the end, may be interested if the measurements will suit what I need it for
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    Day Out Surrey hills wood fair

    This weekeend is the surrey hills wood fair been going for a couple of years now and not a bad day out and they,ve moved the venue this year, more info is hear
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    Day Out Autumn Wood Fair.

    Was a good day I went down on the sunday with the other half, My firtst time a this one, not bad also had a wander round the the wild fowl section of the house land to see all the ducks and swans etc.
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    Little spot in hampshire

    If you fancy a night/nights camping , can recomend the fox and goose greywell, not a full blown campsite one loo accesible 24/7. can be a good base for exploring some of the woodland and bridleways/footpaths that surround it. All the landlords ask is a bit of business behind the bar for the use...