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    Hot drink v hot water bottle

    Im sure i cant be the first to have wondered which is more effective. Has anyone else taken a proper/scientific approach to evaluate which is better?
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    Lymes..... early treatment response

    Theres my answer then, thanks.
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    Lymes..... early treatment response

    Thanks Chris, sadly your link generates a permissions error for me. I'll try again later
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    Lymes..... early treatment response

    I've been lucky enough to be picked as one of the few chosen who shall contract lymes. Fortunately, I spotted symptoms quickly and am on the doxycycline regime (100mg/twice daily for a fortnight) within 5 days of the bite. So far the pills seem to be kicking the symptoms back into touch, but I...
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    A bit annoyed

    Locally theres a MTB group working with the forestry commission on how to build trails/features which are acceptable. Sadly some of the local kids still like to build where they like and sod everyone else. Its a bit like the difference between kids camping in the woods (with fags/booze) and...
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    Back into mountain biking on a budget

    Zinn and the art of mountain bike maintenance is a good reference. What kind of riding are you planning to do?
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    Can I make the twitter/ facebook / g+ things go away

    They're a setting in v-bulletin, i dont think they're setup by user group though so its wierd that some folks arent seeing them.
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    School me on Merino Wool t-shirts

    Depends how warm you run, but I couldnt wear anything under a shirt in summer.....I'd be a sweaty mess. I find my merino t-shirts warmer than cotton.
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    Sleeping bag recommendation

    Dunno if you ever had them, but the 4thElement 2 piece undersuit makes for great thermals for bivi nights.
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    My Bushcraft First Aid Kit - Pic Heavy

    Armpits. great for warming fingers. Best to use your own though, some people get all precious otherwise ;)
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    Hi from North Wales

    If you havent already sorted storage, I found a bloke in russia does excellent packs cheaply. uralbike or something like that, he sells on ebay too. (no relation other than a happy...
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    Sleeping bag recommendation

    D, take a look at the bearbonesbikepacking site. You'll find some good tips there. FWIW, I use a travelpak3 for the winter, inside an army bivi. I wear thermals too, with that I've woken up toasty and covered in frost :)
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    UK weather archive

    be that you, curry fettler?
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    DIY Hex Tarp

    Thanks, makes total sense :) Now I just need to find a source of wide sil-nylon....think my last lot was from germany!
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    DIY Hex Tarp

    Hi Phil, Im trying to work out the storm flap. Am i right in thinking its pinned down at two points on the back right, comes over the top and pins down at on point on the front left?