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    5 Items Or Less.....

    this is my kit list 1.knife 2.flint and steel 3.maybe a catty that's it, shelter easy enough fire-f&s (clothes for charcloth if needed) can collect water in bark container or wood container, boil with hot rocks food whatever i can collect/catch cordage- nettles
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    W1 - anyone using it ?

    ive forged a couple of whittlers from it and ill soon be having a go at my first laminate with WI and W1 !!!
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    bush craft heavy jobs?

    +1 for being a national trust warden can be very bushcraft orientated
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    Playlist for a Rocker's Wedding.

    Wheels of Steel - Saxon. TNT - AC/DC Iron Maiden --Bring your daughter to the slaughter Creedence clearwater revival--Fortunate son Ted nugent--Flesh and blood Billy Idol - White Wedding Ace of spades - Motorhead You could be mine - Guns'n'Roses Bed of roses - Bon Jovi (nice slow number!)...
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    British Blades Forum - down

    same here...............
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    WANTED: Wood chopping block

    if kepis cant, ill almost definitely be able to pick you up one or two
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    What's your long term project for this year?

    improve my primitive skills hugely (cordage, wild food, etc.) do more net making and make more knives!
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    knife scale liners??????

    sorry for the hijack but can you use acrylic plastic?
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    Activities Scouts are not allowed to do

    but can a knife be worn on the belt during flag break etc. if the scout is allowed to bring it along to meetings to use during the meeting,but has nothing to do with uniform?
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    Dug this up for someone

    thats very handy, thanks
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    New life for my old Opinel

    love it!!!!!
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    Kia ora

    hello and welcome!
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    New airgun storage legislation 10-2-2011

    me but there seperate from the pellets,
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    hello and welcome!