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  • My latest project I've been putting together..

    My Axe Safety Sling

    I dont know if anyones ever done one like this, but I thought it was an improvement over a standard Axe cord.

    What are you views Dookie, would appreciate some.. is it O.T.T.. or practical and sweet?

    All I need now is to make the leather sheath!!

    Hi Aidie

    Yup, I received payment for the lavvu so your dad can stop worrying :)

    Hi mate,
    Glad you liked the Bucksaw! I used a block of beech (same as the woodlore one). Very cheap. The blade is a Bahco one (same as Woodlore). Plus a bit of black paracord.. Didnt cost more than 20 quid ish... Was tricky to make, I could have killed for an hour back in the old school workshop. Am considering making a few to sell, will let you know more at the March Meet if you are interested! Cheers Jimbo.
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