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    Hello from Scotland!

    HelloTony, welcome to BCUK.
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    Still looking for a new tent! (Snugpak Stratosphere?)

    it was used in the summer and early winter, down to about -5°, I can't recall any moans and he knew to ventilate.
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    Still looking for a new tent! (Snugpak Stratosphere?)

    I got a Stratosphere for my son, as has been said above, its basically a large bivi, he's stayed dry and hasn't complained. It all depends on what your needs are, a tent or a bivi. I had both the Phoenix Mountaineering Phreeranger and Phreerunner, the former has been sold on and was an ace...
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    Water dilemma

    Ha, cheaper than a vintage original though
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    Hello from Nottingham

    Welcome to the forum. We all started out inexperienced and you never stop learning :) Enjoy yourself.
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    hello from Cambridge

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hello All

    Hi Macca and welcome to the forum.
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    A girl that loves the woods

    Welcome to BCUK Meen.
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    Hello from Monmouthshire

    Welcome to BCUK Si.
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    Yew Berries?

    Yes, but you didn't mention the toxicity, which is why you spat the seed out. Others folks reading it may not realise the consequences.
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    Yew Berries?

    Don't eat the seeds, they're poisonous!
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    Buffalo Hood?

    I've got a hood on mine, rarely use it but very handy when I do. Not a lot of help I know but you did ask ;) I have sewen the chin flap on, saves loosing it as a few friends have.
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    Loch Ericht Wild Camping

    Oh, and the weathers changing, definately a slight Autumnal feel :)
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    Loch Ericht Wild Camping

    Things seem a bit quieter, :)
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    Loch Ericht Wild Camping

    Just had a report from someone in the village that's been up in the north and north west for a few days, it's heaving apparently, she'd never seen so many folks, even at this time of year. Hopefully with the nippers going back to school things will improve. If you're prepared to walk a...