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    Green Mountain Jackets -preferably in eVent?

    Greetings, what about this cheers,G
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    I want to wrap myself in ventile!!!!

    Got to have ventile lads....I'll save the clingfilm and liquid latex for saturday night! the kl and klu jackets I am very familiar with, but don't fancy the army look and it certainly is no ventile. Pointh North looks good though...any other suggestions?
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    I want to wrap myself in ventile!!!!

    This little wrapping thing I want to do....I would like to do as cheap as possible...don't blame me, I am Dutch ;) Although I like the products of westwinds/snugpack and snowsled very very much I think they cost to much. I am probably crazy enough to buy one, but then I will just admire it...
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    Avoiding ticks

    Hi, I have a background in Forestry...not that this matters...but during my studies I have been in the woods a lot...and I mean a lot. And I have seen a lot of ticks...and I mean a lot...I have had them all over...and I mean all over...I have pulled them of my legs, between my toes, of my...
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    Hi, please tell me about your experiences with microfibre clothing with regards to its windproof, waterproof, spark/fireproof and bushcraft qualities! Cheers, G!
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    Dutch army bivi bag?

    Hi Martyn, I got the YKK-zipper from a local market that shows up in town each monday and saturday. I guess they can be bought or ordered by anyone that sells sewing kit! Cheers, Gilbert.
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    Dutch army bivi bag?

    Yep...the press-studs fit a sleeping bag....but I don't know which one! I love this bag, but wasn't to pleased with just the velcro so I sew in a YKK-zipper! Cheers, Gilbert.
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    Why do we like knives?

    "Boys and Toys" :wink:
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    martial arts

    Greetings, I don't think there is a causal relation between martial arts and bushcraft. It is just a matter of chance I guess! If you ask all the practitionars of bushcraft to check in their profile whether they have a drivers license, you might be surprised how many have both bushcraft and...
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    Swanndri Bushshirt! What size to buy???

    I took Tone's advice and contacted the people of swanndri in New Zealand. I found the following information that I want to share with you in the case of wanting to order one, but not knowing what size to order. The Bushshirt and the Mosgiel are made to the same measurements. (So the ranger...
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    Other Pastimes

    NATURE (from pantheistic submerging while hanging in a hammock to hiking and watching wildlife) Philosophy (environmental ethics in particular) Knives (started with wanting "one good knife"....probably ends with wanting more and more) Pancrase (japanese free-fight)
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    And what's your other job?

    Got a MSc in Forest and Naturemanagement and am currently employed as a policyadviser at the department of nature and landscape at one of the dutch provinces. In january I wil take up a PhD position at an agrigultural university in the field of applied philosophy.
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    bushcraft shoes

    Greetings :-D , this is a topic I don't find a lot of info on. The more I read about bushcraft the more I realize most people leave their technical nylon stuff at home and venture in the outdoor with woolens. The more wool I wear the more I am convinced it can't be beaten. But what about...
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    Swanndri Bushshirt! What size to buy???

    Thanks for the info guys! It is indeed a big difference between the indicated size and what you guys actually wear. I conclude that a 3XL mosgiel or original bushshirt is certainly way to big for me. What I have to find out now is whether to buy the 2XL or the XL. I will contact them to find...
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    Swanndri Bushshirt! What size to buy???

    Greetings :-D First timer signing in.....Great place I found here. I was roaming the net in search on some info on Swanndri bushshirts, and I stumbled on this place. I hope someone can help me with the following! Thinking of buying a swanndri bushshirt (mosgiel or the hooded original)...