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    Compasses and trammels?

    Pin and a piece of string? Very low tech I know and not sure exactly how accurate you need to be?
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    Ventile Jacket

    I have to say that this is an example of how nice this forum is, no jumping in and saying me me me. just consideration for others. Really makes me smile.
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    PLCE Bergan mods?

    I've used one of these on mine, rather than pay to get one fitted I just took the supplied belt out and threaded the bergan waist belt on.
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    GB Finished DD Hammocks group buy 2018.

    Just been thinking about a 4X4 tarp so this will be perfect timing!
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    chris caine survival ''parang'' ?

    Pretty much worthless, you'll be lucky to get a an act of charity send it to me and I'll give you a tenner but I'm not covering the postage! Sorry not helpful but I couldn't resist. Colin
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    Demagnetizing tools.

    Found this bit from a USMC map reading lesson, don't know how many of these items you'll come across while bushcrafting but it illustrates the point. :)b. Compass Handling. (1) Handle the compass with care. The dial is set at a delicate balance, which could be damaged by a shock. (2) Close...
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    Demagnetizing tools.

    But a compass needle will react to any metal, not just magnetised ones. The army have a list of distances that you should be away from different objects to ensure your compass is giving a true reading. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    Demagnetizing tools.

    Don't think it's the fact that your knife etc are magnetized, the magnetized needle in thecompass is just reacting to the fact that they're metal. Colin
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    Add padded straps to rucksack straps...

    I've fitted one of these belts to my issue bergan and it works really well: I know it's not the shoulder straps you asked for but it might help. Colin
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    Drying food

    The house opposite me has an apple tree outside which has a beautiful crop this year, chatted with him last night and he said to take as many as I want! Seeing this thread has got me thinking about drying some. Colin
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    Any Leather pocket knife sheath makers out there?

    I know you said leather and this will start calls of heresy and burn him from the purists but have you considered something like this? I'll run away now before the pitchforks and burning torches are fetched :surrender: Colin
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    Blandford Black Fly

    Hall and Woodhouse brewers based in Blandford craft a very tasty tipple called "Blandford Flyer" it has ginger in it which is supposed to ward off the evil little critters. Not sure if it works but maybe experiments should be tried out with larger doses. Colin
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    DD Camping Hammock vs TW Hammocks Ultralight XL vs ???

    I have the TW XL and find it really comfy, haven't tried the DD one though. Colin
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    Arktis shirts at a great price

    Look like great shirts, just a shame they don't have any in my size (L).
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    Hi, Gringo from Berkshire here.

    Welcome to the virtual campfire, pull up a log and sit a while. I must warn you to stay away from the makers area if you value your wallet, there's far too many lovely things there! Colin