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    Anyone Up For A Drink - Lancashire

    I turned up at 4.30pm. Couldn't find anyone else there though :(
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    Anyone Up For A Drink - Lancashire

    I'll be there :)
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    Anyone Up For A Drink - Lancashire

    Here you go :)
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    Anyone Up For A Drink - Lancashire

    DavesBromley BarryG Firecrest Darkaz
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    Anyone Up For A Drink - Lancashire

    Probably one drifting into the other (hic) The reality is I won't be leaving County Durham until lunchtime (need to sober up first) so by the time I've got home, unloaded the bike, got washed and back into Manchester it'll be 4pm at the earliest for me.
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    Coffee and coffee grinding.

    I purchased one of these recently which has very good reviews on the US coffee sites. I use it with a Bialetti Brikka. Very compact and does a great job...
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    Bushcrafting with a katana

    As of 6th April 2008 the The Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Offensive Weapons)(Amendment) Order 2008 came into force and Katanas are now classed as offensive weapons. So no they are not subject to the same laws as fixed blades, but to the same laws as flick knives, push daggers, knuckle dusters etc...
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    Anyone Up For A Drink - Lancashire

    Should be back from Stormin' the Castle in time, sounds good to me :)
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    Thank you all

    Thank you Tony and the Mods. My first Moot and I had a fantasic time. Looking forward to next year already :D
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    How NOT to fell a tree

    In the original vid I was waiting with bated breath for a kickback followed by a leg becoming detached... Hoping to have enough money to learn chainsaw next year, but it's something to do all the way or not at all.
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    Can anyone recommend a double sided sharpening stone or alternative?

    Double sided stone and strop would be best yes. I always use my belt to strop for field sharpening. As to stones it's a choice of diamond or stone. Diamond as mentioned DC3/4. Stone I'd go for a Japanese waterstone 1000/6000 cut down (or seperate slipstones). The Gransfors axe stone also...
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    legal folder idea

    Umm don't want to open up another can of worms but I would say no, it wouldn't be legal. Neither would FGYT's in the linked thread. Neither are Svords IMO, having knowledge of the judgments handed down on S139 and being a Clerk of the Court. I've just checked Hennie and although they sell the...
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    Naughty corner theme for 2011

    My first thought was to dye my hair white and go as a wizard. For some reason though everyone suggested Uruk-Hai - must be my smile :) Thinking about costume already, something OTT to terrify the kids haha. Thanks to all at the Bushmoot though, expecially those of you in the NC, I had a...
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    Anyone Up For A Drink - Lancashire

    Either is good. Salisbury if next to Oxford Road train station, Waldorf next to Picadillly (and my work). I don't think the Salisbury does food.
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    a shout out to all u moot goers

    Finally packed w00t. A hideous amount of weight for a motorcycle lol. Had to ditch the bivi in the end (to fit a sleeping bag in) so it's tent and tarp but shouldn't need the bag, nights are looking quite humid. I have my GB double headed felling axe strapped across the back (safely...