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  1. dandan

    Cleaning your knife?

    I clean my knives initially with my compressor. This would only be my folders , assuming I was at home. A big jet of wind does wonders for cleaning loads of things. ( take care on exposed skin)
  2. dandan

    Tomshoo! Titanium wood stove

    I have a stainless steel Firebox stove which , although heavy is great. I have heard about the wood gasifier stoves available. I saw a video or two on Youtube , and decided to buy a Lixada one from Amazon. It is great. Burns clean and hot. An alternative to my Firebox. Its cheaper than some...
  3. dandan

    Folding Firebox Stove - First Impressions

    H H I got one of these 2.5 models through Kickstarter. It was available with all the bells and whistles as a special offer to launch this model. I have used it at home to cook my grub. Usually some salmon steaks , but also steaks. It takes little real charcoal to start up , and burns hot...
  4. dandan


    I have a pair of Muckmaster boots in green colour. The ones with the off road sole. I got these 2 years ago from a big named site in Uk . They are correctly sized for me at 1 size 10. No need for extra socks. They are light and easy to get on and off. Good grip with these soles on mud and wet...
  5. dandan

    Lighters- Which sort?

    I carry Bic lighters , as I think they are better , and last longer than other brands. Is the flint one better or worse than the electronic version? I used to carry the petrol version of lighters , but the fuel quickly evaporated , and I used to stink of petrol. At least the gas ones don't...
  6. dandan

    New book from Ray Mears

    Just seen an advert for Ray's new book , due out early Sept 16. Search your favourite web site retailer.
  7. dandan

    G2 Folding Firebox Stove

    Sorry Folks, Links here ~
  8. dandan

    G2 Folding Firebox Stove

    I understand that these are now coming on stream from USA. I know the original model was a good stove, although heavy at around 2 lbs , is does what it says on the tin . The updated model is the same weight , but has updated features. The old models are going to be available at bargain...
  9. dandan

    Global knife

    I bought a Global kitchen knife when I was in UK about 15 years ago , and am still using it. It was not sharp when I got it , I did sharpen it , or at least try to. I got the usual saw edge along most of the edge. It cuts like a serrated knife , and tears food. I may have got a Friday...
  10. dandan

    Bear Grylls - The Island

    I saw the blokes programme , and only saw it as a bit of fun. It did not entertain me , and I have not watched the women's one. A bit different to the BG celebrity survival programme shown earlier this year? Each to his own!!!
  11. dandan

    Bear Grylls: Mission Survive's

    I have just seen one episode of this show. Cannot say I like it , it reminds me of 'Celebrity get me out of Here' . I must be in the minority , as the reported TV viewers are considerable. Anyone got any comments? Its just not my cup of tea!! What is the point of the show?
  12. dandan

    The Island With Bear Grylls

    Just seen this item about Edward. Naughty boy
  13. dandan

    New Vargo Ti Wood stove

    I got an email from a mate showing this new model. Looks good. Also in SS as well as Ti. Anyone got one ?
  14. dandan

    Wood Burner Question

    I have 2 woodburners in my house , one in main room 6kw , and a 14kw one in the kitchen. The Mrs and the 2 cats love it . Living here in the sticks, everyone uses wood for heating. I use seasoned oak , delivered seasoned in November , some stored under a tarpaulin , some dry in the barn. I...
  15. dandan

    French knife law?

    I live in France . I carry my small Sebenza Insingo in a pouch on my belt. Most French men in rural areas carry a knife or multi tool. I use it most days at home or in the garden ( not this week as it is -8'C outside , and we have had snow for the last 7 days) Yes we use then when there are...