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  1. crowman

    Hello from Manchester

    Hi welcome I’m on the Derbyshire south Manchester border also interested in some wild camps theirs also a group near me that uses a local wood once a month as well in Whaley bridge , I’m just getting back into wild camping after a few years be good to get out
  2. crowman

    Drews Birthday bash at middlewood scout camp. 9th-11th December.

    wish I could of made this has been a great wood to stay in over the years , the new site sounds great and I look forward to seeing you all their for some grand bushcraft meets
  3. crowman

    Vertical Smoke 2015 - Middlewood Scout Camp

    I'll be their
  4. crowman

    Whaley Bridge Meet 27th Feb - 1st Mar 2015

    Don't know how to paste and copy but I should be able to go .
  5. crowman

    Manchester newbie. Looking for help.

    I'm Stockport way near Marple their should be some meets coming up in Whaley bridge soon , their normally in the England mid section of meetups .
  6. crowman

    some of my kit for sweden

    That's a great bit of leather work red fox.
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    Hello from Stockport!

    Hello and welcome theirs a good few of us here around Stockport I'm new mills near Marple , theirs some good meets too keep your eye out in England mid section and England north section of the meetups part, just been to one in Whaley bridge only a couple of miles out of Stockport.
  8. crowman

    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    cracking camp looking forward to the next.
  9. crowman

    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    What time are folk turning up Friday I might be able to et their before dark and do some firewood prep
  10. crowman

    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    Looks like a chance of some white stuff Friday and sunshine Saturday that's what the Buxton forecasters say , be nice to have some snow
  11. crowman

    Not quite prepping...

    Hi you mention you've got jerrycans for storing parrafin and unleaded , I've never known parrafin to go off but petrol does and this newer modern unleaded petrol goes off a lot quicker I've had it go bad in 6 months so its worth rotating this too .
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    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    Riam said he will if he can, are you going Friday ? Im not sure what time I'll be done Friday so thought I'd come Saturday morning
  13. crowman

    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    I too am a definate for this but don't know how to add myself to the list if someone could add me I would be gratefull
  14. crowman

    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    Be good to see you their Wayland
  15. crowman

    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    Can't make the Friday night but will be their sat morn til Sunday