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    Parachute up for trade

    In a nut shell, no. It was used by air despatchers as part of a cargo drop system. Cronos
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    Parachute up for trade

    To tell you the truth I’ am not sure on the trade value. I recon that it’s worth about (and don’t quote me, do some research) £60. Without opening it up and I will not be able to do that until I get back to Germany, but I think it’s about 36 panels. As for weight again at a guess, it weighs...
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    Parachute up for trade

    Ex Military Medium Drop Parachute At the end of March I will be in the position to get rid of the above item. Olive green in colour There are a few minor holes in it, but apart from them it still makes a good overhead shelter to carryout instruction in. The picture, although not the best...
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    Support poles help!!

    Try this site: I use these poles, they are adjustable with a point at the end to go through your eyelet and a pointed base to allowthen to settle into the ground. cronos
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    Army ration packs £3.50

    Paul. As far as i am aware it goes as follows: The letter is the menu number 06/04 is the packing date. the final 4 numbers are the last 4 of the 13 figure NSN (nato stock number) which idetifys the ration pack by stock rather than menu. Hope that helps. Cronos
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    Army ration packs £3.50

    The date on the side of the box is the packing date of the box. The date on the boil in the bags is the the date Wayfarers (spelling?) processed and packed the meals into the bags. The rations packs have a five year shelf life from the packing date on the box until they need to got rid of...
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    Rating for Army issue artic mummy bag!

    Its a good bit of kit, but its much too big. The best way of loading it in your kit is not to use the compression sack, just stuff it into your bergan. I have used it in must types of climate and found that its good for the colder climates, but soon as the weather warms up so do you - purly a...
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    Sharpen my hook knife

    Tried a small file, but i must be doing some thing wrong as it takes the edge off it. Maybe its my techneque and not the process. I'll try the wet / dry and dowel method. I have also heard of someone using a ceramic nail file, the kind you get in a lasses vanity case. Cheers for the help...
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    Sharpen my hook knife

    OK here goes the bone question. How do I maintain and sharpen my hook knife, is there a special sharpening tool or is it a matter of choice? I have been using a kitchen knife sharpening rod (Ouch!!! I can hear from all those who are at one with steel), but all it seems to do is take the edge of...
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    English Longbow Courses

    This may interrest someone here. Longbow making course 2007 Cronos
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    Tick Problem

    OK I no the season is almost over now, but “to be for warned is to be for armed”. Out in Germany, especially were I am we have an infestation on deer tick. So the question is, are there any natural remedies that repel tick from sinking their little jaws in? Cheers Cronos
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    Norwich and Norfolk group new thread!

    Hi guys. Just got back in the UK again for a week or so and it looks like I have missed some good trip out, I’ll keep my eye open for future developments. It good to see that the Norwich and Norfolk group is go strong. Any plans for a winter meet? Jason
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    Norwich and Norfolk group?

    I’ll be up for some meet up’s in the summer months. I don’t get a lot of chance to get back to Martham, as I work in Germany, but if there is any thing going on in the summer months I would love to attend. Cronos
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    Ideas Please

    I do like the sound of this, using a bungee to provide the reaction to your actions. I may try this when i sort out my design. Cronos
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    Ideas Please

    OK I was never one for drawing and never will, but I hope that this is similar to what Dave ment. Yeah its not to scale, but I think I get the idea that Dave was on about. Cronos