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    Military Ops E Bay Supplier - PLEASE BEWARE!!

    Hi Folks, I rarely post but really want to give anyone considering purchasing from Military Ops a heads up to be wary - I ordered some straps last week for a training weekend (this weekend) and they didn't arrive and were pretty rude on the phone when I called them. I will definitely never be...
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    Best YouTube Bushcraft Channels

    This guy is a firm favourite of mine - very informative, extremely down to earth and highly knowledgeable....has anyone else discovered him yet? All the best, C.
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    Long overdue meet up/skill share!!!! 4th-6th October

    To Stu F, Big shout out for organising the skill share weekend and the traping demo and talk (as well as the evening entertainment) - it will definately help me in Ah Ah Ah Ah Stayin Alive!!! Great to see new faces and especially the familiar - its been too long and always great banter! Happy...
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    I'm in the news eeeek.....

    Hey All, Cant wait to see this, thought the last one was also a fair sided perspective on the subject. Big shout out to Stu F (he is a true bush crafter) on becoming Scotland's First Prepper!!! I'd also like to assure you (and I'm sure those that have met him from previous bushcraft and skill...
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    1 pence Torch

    Hey All, Interesting thread and it caught my attention - I ordered 30 and had order confirmation, received notice of cancellation from Amazon yesterday!!
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    Ferro rod, Knife & feather stick fire lighting

    Cheers for the post Stu! C.
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    Debris shelter and improvised bushcraft tool.

    Another great vid Stu....cheers for taking the time and effort to post! C.
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    Happy birthday to Stuart F

    Stu, Many happy returns and after your recent weekend tipi trips I'm wondering if your turning into this guy!! All the best mate, Craig.
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    Day out making a Nootka Deadfall trap(pic heavy)

    Stu, Many thanks for another informative and inspiring post mate! ATB, Craig.
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    Pyrography effort

    Superb mate, look forward to being inspired to do a similiar one for my wee lad!! Fantastic!
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    Carving a simple Wood Spirit

    Thanks for a very informative and inspiring tutorial! Much appreciated. Craig.
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    Get well soon Craigm9

    Thanks again folks for your kind words and best wishes....totally appreciated and very humbling!! ATB, Craig.
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    1500 post comp!

    Hi Tam, Mmmn...still keep thinking of Black Sabbath - War Pigs mate! Cheers for the best wishes too. ATB, Craig.
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    Get well soon Craigm9

    Cheers for the kind words fellas - they're certainly appreciated after hitting a car at 55 mph driven by a holidaymaker who went the wrong way at a junction aarggh!! That was a week ago now and I'm still housebound with limited function in my neck, back and arm... Still - on the plus, my car...
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    Calories from wild foods

    Cheers for the post Oblio 13, Very interesting essay and share Stu F's views....has also made me dash to look over my Thomas J Elpel 'Botany in a Day' book for some updating & refreshing!!! Thanks again, Craig.