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    Thanks, its pointless now. Nottingham Station is laying on Busses for part of the journey and policy is "NO CYCLES" for transit buses. Completely *ucked up my holiday plans for me and my son. I would dearly love to find the cretin that decided that refurbishment takes place over the...
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    I don't seem to be able to find a phone number to speak to someone about the Bushmoot. Can someone point me in the right direction please.
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    Tilley lamp Vs Coleman lamp

    Ummmmm Panel Wipe... I would Err on the side of caution.
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    Family trees ?

    Hi Paullyfuzz, try looking up gene reunited, it is free until you want to contact someone or if someone wants to contact you and you need to reply. Ancestry is another one that could help you. The only reason I didn't cough up membership is because these sites are charging for access to...
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    Tilley lamp Vs Coleman lamp

    Knowing someone with a Coleman lamp, they say that they get 150 Candle power out of a lamp where as a standard Tilley is 300 Candle power. 1.5 pints of fuel (Kerosene aka Paraffin) in a Tilley should give you approx 10 to 12 hours light / heat. No brainer IMHO. Tilley Lamps rule as far as...
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    Learnt a bad lesson today

    Comes under the Offensive Weapons order. You can question why the officer stopped you without good cause as you were stopped from going about your business and just because you are a stranger or looked strange gives you good cause to complain about the officer disturbing you in your enjoyment...
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    Fording Rivers - Barefoot or booted?

    Depending on how deep, if you are prepared and have suitable gauge plastic bags that are large enough and some tape like micropore tape for example, you can make a pair of makeshift wellies. Method one would be to wear your bags with your shoes on top. Method two would be to wear your bags...
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    Tilley Stormlight advice

    To anyone coming along now requiring Tilley parts... Some members here have stated eBay, can I offer a word of caution because I have been looking and can see the prices on the Tilley website and the various pressure lantern parts suppliers online are cheaper on the whole than eBay...
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    Prep and Pack - What's Your Method?

    In the First Aid for survival training I covered as part of my advanced First Aid, a Hot Drink causes your body to cool down and a cold drink causes the body to heat up, especially if the drink is a glucose / simple sugars mix. The liver is the body's central heating boiler that burns sugars and...
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    How do I clean the last of the rust????

    You can use a chemical process, Citric Acid mono-hydrate which is the primary component of rust remover. A trip to your local hardware store for some may be an option to you.
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    Have you had any First Aid Training?

    I was a member of the Red Cross between the ages of 13 to 21 where I did Basic First Aid, Advanced First Aid and Nursing. I also trained as a Life Guard in water safety and also water survival training and also first aid for treating people in the water. I didn't keep up the course work...
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    Baofeng UV-5r

    The original thread starter was from Florida and what is legal in the USA is often not legal in the UK and as you rightly stated in other parts of the world. Programming is not easy as you will find on YouTube videos giving instructions on how to program them or simply leave that side to...
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    Rules for Medicinal/First Aid forum - make sure you read this

    You can obtain first aid training through the Red Cross as well as St Andrews Ambulance and St Johns Ambulance. I joined the Red Cross as a junior member when I was 13 and remained in the Red Cross until I was 21 and things like work took me further away from home. I was also a Trained...
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    Baofeng UV-5r

    Word of caution on the Baofeng UV-5r in the UK. These hand sets are not legal for transmitting in the UK but legal for reception. This is because the handset is able to transmit out of public bands on bandwidths that are controlled by licencing. You can find reputable UK suppliers that will...
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    Downlight reflector for a lamp ?

    Our Tilley lamp would get knocked quite often and we didn't take any particular care in how the lamp was handled and we had no problem with mantles. If you buy cheap mantles that fit your lamp then expect them to not last as long as genuine parts. Yes carry spares because it doesn't hurt...