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    Kelly/Volcano/Irish/Ghillie Kettles

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    Found a Shrimp/Crab Cage under £5 £4.99 here
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    Home made crayfish/crab/lobster pots Check these out...
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    catching signal crayfish £4.99
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    Gillie kettle - any good? Not bad..
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    Zippo Hand Warmer. Zippo handwarmers now back in stock...
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    How do you pronounce "Shemagh"

    In Black Country spake its a Sha mar!
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    Is this the cheapest food ever?

    I know what you mean if it was freze dried it should keep forever but basically it was a tean of beans with a sausage, bacon, black pudding and a burger thrown in for good measure
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    Is this the cheapest food ever?

    I am not a tight wad.... But last year i had a good tidy out of all my old carp fishing gear and i found a can of all day breakfast which i must have purchased in 1996 as the expiry date was best before sometime in 1999, so it almost 10 years out of date. I expected it to be minging.... But...
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    Dynamo Radio

    Can you get the DAB signal everywhere? I thought it was a bit patchy?
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    Is this the cheapest food ever? just check the price its not a misprint!
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    Dynamo Radio

    Hi Has anyone got a Solar radio they could reccomend, i have a cheap one, the main problem with it is, if your batteries run out you can use the dynamo but if you charge it for say two minutes then you will probably only get about 4 minutes of life out of it and then you have to charge it...
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    Flavoured alcohol

    Sloe GIn but also Sloe vodka Sour apple Vodka Chocolate cookie Vodka....
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    Chillies - what to do with them

    Chilli Vodka has a nice kick
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    in need of a dutch DUTCH OVEN COOKING POT&caSKU=4.25L%20DUTCH%20OVEN%20COOKING%20POT&caTitle=Dutch%20Oven use the code jackpyke and you will get a 5% discount mate