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    Income from bushcrafting in 2006

    I remember reading Watership Down the night before a rabbit hunt. later I saw the moive JAWS the night before going into the ocean on a SAR as rescue swimmer, treading water with a survivor waiting for the helicopter to circle back. If yoou truly wish to dissuade terrorists why not breed more pigs?
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    Pick up some litter! Go on !

    As an archaeologist, My research base is trash. How many of you police your flakes after knapping? Those shellfish middens are pretty disgusting. And whats all that about Hastings? If I moved on from a rave party like those Saxons and Normans did the village constable would be all over me. :p
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    Help!, Foot Rot!!!

    If your near the ocean walk in the wet sand. The salt water and abrasiveness will clean things up "ship shape and Bristol fashion."
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    Bushcraft Vrs Paganism?

    Faeden, I think you need to expand your religous vocabulary beyond this pan pagan romance of 'pre monotheistic' noble savages of Rousseau in ecologic harmony and balance with Earth Mother. The earliest known artifact of religosity are the femurs of short faced cave bears symbolically locked...
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    Bushcraft Vrs Paganism?

    I think a definition of your paganism is in order. By content I assume you practise a varient of pre christian practises popularised by Aliester Crowley's student Gardner. Collectively this recreated smorgasborg of culture borrowing is called Wicca, a Saxon word applied to a veneer of pan...
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    Watches - in or out?

    My watch is a USSR Poljot chronograph. I was on southpat ( southern patrol) on my Icebreaker on a taxpayer paid adventure to Antarctica. We were operating close to a soviet breaker in the pack ice. I was with a crew @ halfway between on the floes. Our lookouts saw a russian fall overboard...
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    How to hunt brown bears

    Abbe, you can try any number of strategem with bears. In the end it comes down to that intangible factor called luck. Millions of people fly commercial air with a safety record better than any other form of transport. Still, it's not much comfort when your plane's wing falls off over the...
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    How to hunt brown bears

    I didn't move here, 3rd generation Californian. Black bears are far more dangerous than the big brownies statistically anyday.
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    How to hunt brown bears

    O.K. A few real life encounters that you won't read from some outdoor magazine with a frothing at the mouth inspiration for Grendel on the cover. I'm out ptarmigan hunting with a Kodiak native and suddenly brownies are literally coming out of the woods everywhere and MOVING. They could care...
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    How to hunt brown bears

    I was stationed for a year on Kodiak Alaska, home to the largest known brown bears and made numerous trips to the arctic stations with populations of Polar bears. I also spent a season in the Kenai penninsula among the mainland brownies and have lived among common black bears in California. I've...
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    Potable water, even made safe for drinking has a shelf life. The issue is anearobic bacteria which will 'bloom' into health threatening numbers over time. You can buy so called stabilisers which increase shelf life. These are oxygen rich compounds. A more economical method is simple rotation of...
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    Pick up some litter! Go on !

    Aside from aesthetics, litter kills. Automotive antifreeze is a very sweet tasting fluid animals love. It is also toxic with no medical remedy. Alumium foil is also sweet tasting and animals chew it. Ingested, it irritates the intestinal lining and the animal dies a slow, agonizing death from...
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    Pick up some litter! Go on !

    I have retrieved old mail in these middens identifying the guilty party. One was a prominent insurance agent. I walked in to his office,dumped it on his desk and explained he had left his 'property' at my workplace. :D
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    Martindale Jungle knife

    Cutsforth has an excellent reputation, though buying one from Oregon is 'carrying coals to Newcastle' to say the least. There are a few exaustive reviews of Martindales on the web. I got dizzy reading all the reviews of roll edging, reprofiling the edge and waht not. The para is not your classic...
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    Oh to be a Celt

    You don't have to be a celt to do that. my greatgrandmother had a word for doing that in gaelic.The rough translation was 'bums' :p