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  1. Chris the Cat

    Green Scythe Fair, Somerset Sunday 14th June 2020

    Yep, been to the last 2, love it a real old school craft fair vibe.
  2. Chris the Cat

    Christmas gifts.

    Two bottles of single Malt ( Ardbeg and Talisker Sky ) and 5 large kilner jars full of home pickled veg!!
  3. Chris the Cat

    Where to buy 550 paracord

    Endicotts Army Surplus, Exeter. It's the real deal, I spent days taking lengths of it off parachutes!!
  4. Chris the Cat

    Got a hankering

    GEC, but then I am a gentleman of a certain age, also they look great, in a traditional, even retro way. They hold a great edge and are very well made. No sensible cop is going to bat an eyelid should you have to turn out your pockets ( in my case, of my Barbour Tarras bag ). Sub 3, none...
  5. Chris the Cat

    Trusted military surplus suppliers?

    Endicotts. Hands down. Opened in 1953.
  6. Chris the Cat

    Not British made anymore!

    Bison Bushcraft. British design, materials and build I think I am right in saying.
  7. Chris the Cat

    Wet weather gear - kit talk

    Gortex if I am exposed ,hill walking and such. Wax cotton over wool if in the woods or static camp. Ventile over wool if a bit of both.
  8. Chris the Cat

    What did you buy today?

    Bison Bushcraft Yukon Vest. Oilskin over wool lining.
  9. Chris the Cat

    Sold Svante Djarv knives

    Is that the standard size spoon knife Rob? Thinking of having a go and wondering if they are the right tools for a beginner?
  10. Chris the Cat

    Fi, me and a van called Red.

    Great to hear the update. Here's hoping all goes well. Stay in touch! C
  11. Chris the Cat

    Medieval Linen Undertunic

    So linen base layers under wool Mary? Simple crew neck, like a long sleeve t-shirt.....that would be fabulous ( possibly!!?) Wonder if anyone makes such a garment. C
  12. Chris the Cat

    Wilderness gathering 2019

    See you Cats there.
  13. Chris the Cat

    Down bag for Scandi winter use, suggestions please

    Well thanks for that OB, do like the look of that ME bag.
  14. Chris the Cat

    Down bag for Scandi winter use, suggestions please

    Thanks Wg, pretty sure I have a pal I could borrow one from if it came to it.
  15. Chris the Cat

    Down bag for Scandi winter use, suggestions please

    Got the kit Chris thanks, done a few winter arctic camping trips, I use a tarp or build a shelter, so have the keeping warm part generally, covered. I think, reading the helpful replies, that I just have to accept that £200 will probably not get me a decent down bag. Thanks again, as I said...