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    camelbak mule in old school woodland camo

    Ive PM'd you.
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    camelbak mule in old school woodland camo

    Sorry, forgot to say it's in the woodland print and A1 condition.
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    camelbak mule in old school woodland camo

    I have a HAWG which is the next one up without bladder. Any good?
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    Wanted: 7" Ka-Bar for Fallkniven S1. Read on.

    What I want is a Kabar 7" leather handle preferably with the nylon sheath. Must be in very good condition. I have an Fallkniven S1 in satin in perfect condition but it needs a sheath which I have just checked Heinnies they have for £15. Anyone want to swap please drop me a line.
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    Cegga Forest Axe.

    Now theres a piece of forum history. Who remembers the birth of these fantastic axes?
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    Backpacks - 5.11 Rush, any opinions?

    What a brilliant idea!!
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    Backpacks - 5.11 Rush, any opinions?

    Hi, I dont know of a ready made attachmet but I agree that it wouldnt take much to make one. A simple 25mm webbing or paracord loop attached to the lower molle line and paracord to tie the shaft close to the top of the pack would do it. You may find that if you are using a small forest axe it...
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    Backpacks - 5.11 Rush, any opinions?

    Hi, Welcome to BCUK. You may find my review channel, milkitreviews,helpful on youtube where I have reviewed a lot of my 5.11 kit including all of the RUSH packs.. I have been using 5.11 kit for years and cannot fault it. My son a Police Sargent also uses a lot of it in his working kit also...
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    Hello from Kent

    Hi ya from Medway!
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    Advice on a trail camera

    I have just bought a Swann from Maplins at £89.99. It works really well in all modes, weather and time of day: Aldi have just got one in stock. Very similar to above but £69.99.
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    Mino CENS Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooters.

    We got these a few months ago following a lot of research to find something that will actually work, and boy do they work. I have reviewed them here: Please feel free to comment.
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    Coleman Dual Fuel Lamp

    +1 on Aspen 4. NOT Aspen 2 as it has 2 stroke oil in it. I have just got some of each and will be revieweing it very soon.
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    Water Filtration With a Tree Branch

    It's missing for me.
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    Are we becoming Kit Hoarders

    I became one about 40 years ago and still going strong. :lmao:
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    Badgells Wood Wild Camping. Vigo, Kent.

    Oh Wow, I said when my son copied this link to me last weekend. This is just what weve been looking for for a long time. We took a drive to this site today and by chance met the chap who runs it, nice enough guy who has spent a lot of time making this site in...