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    SAK Belt Pouch; Maker Recomendation

    I'm looking for a leather crafter who can wetform a horizontal belt pouch for a Swiss Army Knife (camping) Does anyone have any recommendations, potentially witch stamps that can be embossed if possible (skull type ones possibly)
  2. Chambers

    Bishop Auckland/Darlington/Durham

    All bad times mate. Would be nice to get out with some friendly faces
  3. Chambers

    Bishop Auckland/Darlington/Durham

    Hi, Back after a while off, one of the things for the New Year for me is to get back into bushcrafting. Looking for anyone from around Bishop Auckland/Durham/Darlington for anything from day walks, to overnight camps. Makes it sound like a dating ad! There used to be quite an active group from...
  4. Chambers

    Home Veg Plot

    The potatoes are in. I've also got an assortment of carrots turnip, onions and parsnips to go in among another few. I simply turned the soil and removed a lot of the grass then gave it a healthy coating of decomposed horse manure followed by compost. Hopefully it works
  5. Chambers

    Home Veg Plot

    Thanks Toddy. I know when I did the flower bed it used more than I expected, thankfully I was digging out the patio. I'll be able to pinch soil from the in laws as they have a couple of horses, hence the ready supply of manure! Wish me luck
  6. Chambers

    Home Veg Plot

    Thanks! The flower bed which is already next to the spot I'm going to use is already raised so I'm going to do the same with the veg plot. My thoughts were to take off the top layer of grass, mess it up a bit with a fork then lots of manure (horse) and compost
  7. Chambers

    Home Veg Plot

    Just coming back after a long time away. Amid all of this chaos that is going on I've taken the opportunity to tidy up the garden a bit. This is going to involve putting in a small veg plot; potatoes, carrots, parsnip and onions. Not enough to live on but enough to keep me busy. I'm going to...
  8. Chambers

    Still looking for

    I have a Coleman Sportster, which I got and used a few times but then moved up to a dual burner version (for the glamping) let me know if you would like further info and pics
  9. Chambers

    Norica Dragon .22 Carbine with Nikko Stirling Laser King Scope

    Due to the want for new toys I'm starting to have a clear out of toys which I use very little. First up is my Norica Dragon .22 Carbine with Nikko Stirling Laser King Scope 3-9x42. I bought this a few years ago and have used it very little (less than 250 shots) for target but as is hasnt...
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    How To Post A Classified?

    That would be the simple answer then! Thanks
  11. Chambers

    How To Post A Classified?

    I'm sure it is a very straight forward answer but I am going to have a bit of a clear out of toys I don;t use however can;t seem to post in the Members Classified's forum. Any ideas?
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    Anyone from the teesside area?

    I'll deffo be up for the next one, other commitments allowing obviously
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    Gear Sale

    Id be interested in the Dutch Oven, I'm in Darlington so can easily collect this weekend?