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    The Gardens Of The British Working Class - Margaret Willes

    Hi, Has anyone read the book mentioned in the title? I would like to buy a copy of the book but at the price it would be beneficial to know if it is recommended. If the homestead is the wrong location please move this post (I was Swithering between here and other chatter) Regards, Calurix
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    Speyside way advice wanted

    Thanks everyone, I am going to carry a 1-1/2 person tent and and enough water/food and fuel for a 3 day trip, as I can go to a shop to get snacks etc along route ( as I type there is snow falling). Input has helped a lot, previous to this I was planning everything I needed from A to B. Thanks, Cal
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    Speyside way advice wanted

    Hi Everyone, I'm intending on walking the Speyside way (South to North) on the third week in April. I have never done a long distance walk before and would appreciate any info anyone has about this walk or undertaking a long distance walk. I will be walking on my own and am intending taking a...
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    Middle Lane Drivers - bit of a rant

    Good post Shewie, I think a lot of the replies show that many people dont follow the highway code or mandatory rules of the road. It will not ease your frustration but we had relations over from Oz and they were impressed how most drivers always went back to the left lane after overtaking.
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    NE Meet 3 - September

    Hi, I would love to come along again. Specific dates would help, for dated mentioned add me to the list. CBJ Pandabean Calurix Regards, Calurix
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    10 strange ways Tudors died

    There is a display in the museum in Dornoch that tells the story. "Sigurd the Mighty (circa 900) - Sigurd Eysteinsson was a Viking noble who was a leader of the Viking occupation of northern Scotland. He was involved in some sort of conflict with a local chieftain named Mael Brigte the...
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    First attempt at a sheath

    Here is a Tutorial on uploading pics. Hope it helps
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    First attempt at a sheath

    Hi rmbriar, The pics are not showing.
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    NE Scotland wild camp and maybe a munro advice

    Hi All, I've got a half weekend free (Sat afternoon and all Sunday) I want to go wild camping and have a walk. I am thinking about Glenmore, Rothiemurchus area. I think the munros might be a bit hardcore for me at this time of year (I have no ice axe, crampons etc). Any ideas where I...
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    A day in ma boat

    It is James Hamilton heritage park for anyone googling it. Looks like you all had fun.
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    Scotland is beautiful.

    Hi Richie, Is the above pictures near Bowfiddle rock ?. Nice pics. ATB Calurix
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    Medikit try out

    Good post with common sense, I agree that it is worth knowing the layout of a personal first aid kit. Similar oops moment to your own left me needing to slow a leak on my finger in the dark. The FAK was close by (I was good and set it in entrance to my tent) but once I had it and opened my kit I...
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    Best paracord survival bracelet? -firesteel, tinder, scraper and sling

    I really like the look of the bracelet Paracordist. Until I saw this I have never bothered with bracelets, well done on the design. ATB, Calurix
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    my new baby son

    Congratulations to you and your wife Lee.
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    Scottish Exped - August

    Lithril do you get bitten by midges ?, In our family midges dont seem to like me but they bring my wife and youngest out in lumps. If like me and they dont like you all I use is a midge net on my head to stop me itching, If they like you all I can say is the products already recommended.