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    Christmas in Glen Coe

    Don't know if I can make it yet. Things are a bit fluid at the moment :rolleyes:
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    pop up type tent.

    Quechua get my vote. I've used one in a fair wind and torrential rain with no problem, just use all the guy rope and tie it down well.
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    Possible Comrie Croft meet up weekend of 14th and 15th September

    Had a change of meds today, looks like travelling over the next few days is a no no :(. Have a good on everyone.
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    Possible Comrie Croft meet up weekend of 14th and 15th September

    Thanks Toddy, that's great.
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    Litter louts - gotcha!

    The Data Protection Act and Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) make it quite clear that the police can have access to personal data for the purposes of investigating a crime or potential crime. Quite an interesting article about fixed penalties that can be issues by local...
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    Finnarts Bay

    For a minute there I thought the breakfast was going to be wabbit shaped. Looks like I missed a good one.
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    Possible Comrie Croft meet up weekend of 14th and 15th September

    Bit embarrassing request after all the posts about folk like me. I have no idea how to correctly navigate with a map and compass. I do have the sense to not go hill walking without the right tools and knowledge. If someone has the patience, could I get an introduction to navigation? I'm not the...
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    Catty Question

    An other option is tapered tubes. Similar power to the original "surgical" latex tube, but thinner at one end. Supposed to give an easier pull for the same power, so you can get off more accurate shots...
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    Planning a Road trip on a touring Motorbike - Have you experienced it?

    Free parking for the car sounds good to me. Although the point about holding your car hostage is worrying. When I looked into hiring a bike in the past the biggest hurdle was the deposit. I agree, check the bike all over with a magnifying glass! You have a decent camera take close up pictures...
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    long over due meet

    I'm jinxed for BCUK meets! A bit behind schedule but bike loaded up and ready to go. "Oh what's that pool of liquid under the bike?" OIL! So some spannering for me over the weekend. Have a good one everyone.
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    Alternative to Coleman fuel

    OOPS! Just filling my fuel bottle and checked the Panel Wipe I have, it is TETROSYL
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    Alternative to Coleman fuel

    Is TETROSYL brand naptha? I use a 5L 100% Naptha Pane Wipe from AutoSave Components. Although the next time I need it I plan to go and see the guys in the local car paint shop, angling for trade (or near) price.
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    long over due meet

    Thanks for the map.
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    long over due meet

    erm, I may have missed it but where are we going to?