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    Word association game

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    Word association game

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    Word association game

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    Razor clams for a woodland lunch

    @ 3.04 That looks like a penis caught in a vice :***: What do they taste like? (razorclams I mean) I used to love seafood before I went veggie :biggrin:
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    Word association game

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    How many eggs...

    ... apart from mayo apparently :) Frö's sister sounds very interesting, I love the idea of a cat-drawn chariot!
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    moth protection

    I'm told Cedar wood is pretty good as a natural moth repellent, especially if combined with dried lavender or rosemary. Not tried it myself as I've never had a problem with moths. As Toddy says, make sure everything is scrupulously clean as moths are attracted to human sweat etc. Vacuum pack...
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    How many eggs...

    If you're into veganism you wouldn't be eating eggs or cod roe so the mayo isn't the issue ;)
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    How many eggs...

    I was vegan for 5 years and have only recently gone back to vegetarian. One of the things I really used to crave was a fried egg sandwich (usually when I had a hangover). Now I'm back to egg eating I probably eat 2 a week on average. Mind you, the ones I get are double yolked so it's...
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    Recommended Campsites

    We stayed here last weekend and can recommend it. Things have changed a bit since this recommendation in 2014 so I'll update: 10 woodland pitches (nice & shady in the current weather!) 1 compost loo 1 cold water washing up sink 0 showers Current costs: £8 pp/pn £8 parking per car, per...
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    considering retiring to Brittany, (advice please)

    Would you consider renting out your property in the UK and using the income to rent a place in France? I know it may seem like a halfway house but it could be a good way to test the waters before selling up and making a permanent move. The income from your UK property should more than cover...
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    Hot weather bushcrafting

    Spent 2 nights camping in a wood in Somerset at the weekend. Tent was pitched in 2/3 shade and experienced no problem with heat despite the searing (for the UK!) temperature. Way too dry to risk a fire (not that it was needed for heat, just for ambience) so no wood gathering was required -...