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    What is bushcraft to you??

    freedom, serenity and no artifisial noise..radios etc..arrrr.....chillaxing with great like minded people :)
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    The BCUK kit buy / mend & make do cycle is in force...

    much prefer DIY...more satisfaction and fun..the twiglets and I love learning new and old arts and skills. Keep on with the D I Y =)
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    Thank you Tony and the crew for your Birthday message, it was a lovely surprise...=)

    Thank you Tony and the crew for your Birthday message, it was a lovely surprise...=)
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    Tension Trays, ***Photo Heavy***

    Thanks Toddy, I am going to have a go with the `Twiglets` (twins) that is. It is just up my street... hand made, multi-use and free.. just the job. :) Thanks again.
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    Well done and congratulations to Tony and all who are involved in BCUK.
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    How to avoid nettle stings?

    Tescos carrier bags on both hands works well when harvesting nettles, I dont use gloves.
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    Word association game

    sneaky grin....
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    Return to the Dark Ages.

    Looking Forward to it now, the twiglets are all excited like it's christmas :D
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    Macro/Close ups of Insects **Pic Heavy**

    Lovely! fascinating creatures :)
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    On being a Tomboy...

    Hi there, I just thought id add a bit to this thread, its about my twins, the twiglets.They hate the colour pink, they do not like wearing dresses or skirts, well actually they dont have any now. They have both `boy` and `girl` toys, they go to cubs, they did try brownies but...yes it definatly...
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    Slack Line Walking...?

    Hay Toddy, me thinks the twiglets would like it just fine, and no doubt they will put you and Cobweb to shame:o Note I have not put myself forward, I will be on standby with the first aid kit :lmao:
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    Happy Birthday Tony!

    Happy 21st again Tony, from me and the twiglets, xx
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    Bushmoot 2009 - THANK YOU!

    I have just written a big thank you to Tony and everyone else in another thread somewhere :confused: then I just found this one. I will find my way around this computer stuff one day. So here goes again.THANK YOU EVERYONE, for the best time ever for the Twiglets and myself, hurry up 2010 moot. :D
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    Bushmoot 2009

    Thanks Tony and the team for a brilliantly organised and carried out moot. Me and the Twiglets, now known as...Elderberry and Viper...,( their choice now they are getting older), had the best time ever. We all were made to feel we belonged and almost every one we met had a cheery smile and kind...
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    Sad news at the Moot

    My thoughts are with you, memories never fade.