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    Paul Kirtley Plant & Tree ID Masterclass

    This is by way of a public service announcement... Paul Kirtley’s Plant and Tree Identification Masterclass is only open for enrollment in January... and here it is January, so if you would be interested in this, now’s the time to check it out. I enrolled in the 2021 cohort and have just...
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    Any thoughts on this axe from mil-tec?

    Well... truth in advertising, I guess... they call it mil-tek, and it does look pretty darned military and technical. Looks durable though.
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    From Across the Pond

    Erbswurst... Sorry man, I am going to out you. You are the reason I am here. So glad. So! Gang! I am from BCUSA. Erbswurst calls us the “Cowboy Club”. He is exactly right. I was too late to vote on the November picture election, but #4, with the bluebells... that one rocked my socks, and I...
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    From Across the Pond

    Hello all, I'm pleased to be able to join your forum and hope I acquit myself well. I have been very active on BCUSA for a number of years and am now following a suggestion by one of your members here that I try this group as well. I am not a complete stranger to the UK: I lived in Edinburgh...