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    latest carving Some really good looking spirits on this guys site if anyone`s interested, some great ideas..........
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    latest carving

    Ah ha! Now that`s clever! Some brilliant spirits there too! I think I need to start making something on that scale, up to now it`s been mostly walking stick handles and staffs which I find a bit fiddly to get fine details onto (and then i get p***** off when it doesn`t happen lol).
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    power carver advice please

    then there`s this......just need a big lump o wood to have a go at! ;)
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    latest carving

    Absolute cracker that one mate!! What do you use to get the eye features when it`s set so deep? I bought a Flexcut 11-piece palm which has some pretty small tools but I still struggle to get the eye details right when set back in the sockets (usually end up burning the eyes in with a pyro pen!)
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    carved mushoom (inspired by another post)

    Now..I Like That I Do!! Need to give that a try........
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    Latest woodspirits

    Thanks guys! JAG..aye there`s a few spaces yet for more wee`s a bit of a doodle stick to try out different things really! It nearly ended up in the kindling pile but a guy called Piper thought it would make a good stick (hence the name on it!) and it turned out better than I expected.
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    Latest woodspirits

    Haven`t posted for a while so thought I`d try to remember how to put a pic or two on!! The longer stick is from the top of a Holly tree which snapped during last years heavy snows, the bark was stripped straight away to let it crack and look aged, it`s stained with Antique Pine wood stain. The...
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    Midge repellents - a comparative review

    I too spent many years as a woodcutter on the West Coast, the only one I found to be remotely effective was Autan, it`s still the first thing into the rucksac when I`m heading out fishing, walking, camping ( well...first thing after a fine Malt!!) :o
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    Carving a simple Wood Spirit

    Nice one mate!!!
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    another woodspirit

    He`s a cracker right enough! Nice work mate! goodjob
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    first woodspirits

    Another one i made out of an old curtain rail, good wood to work with whatever it is!
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    Jerky...biltong type stuff!

    Let us know how you get on Phil? I was surprised how easy it was!
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    Jerky...biltong type stuff!

    Ha! Ha! My mate had one in his shed! (A 60w works just as well but add a couple of hours onto the drying time)
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    first woodspirits

    Yeah the Flexcut is a crackin` tool and keeps it`s edge for ages! Thanks for the comments folks, got a few more spirits on the way but away at work for the next few weeks :( so they`ll have to wait.
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    Jerky...biltong type stuff!

    I used the 1kg packs of lean steak from LIDL!! Trim any fatty looking bits, Marinated in salt, pepper, vinegar, brown sugar and some dried chilli overnight in the fridge then into the box. 2kg at a time took 24hrs.....larger box or more meat would take a bit longer but results were spot on...