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    Map swap

    - Not that i keep them on display on a bookshelf in consecutive number order...honest! ...ahem...
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    Map swap

    Yes, lots of different ways to get a map printed off t'internet. Historical ones too. Not quite the same as a lovely OS paper one with a cover that you can fold up lovingly though. Especially if you're trying to complete a collection (ok, i'm a map addict) and then printing off Bing seems a bit...
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    Map swap

    Some maps up for trade - mostly duplicates or finished projects. They're in good condition with no tears or dodgy folds or writing on them although the covers might be a bit tagged here and there. I'm looking for a straight one-for-one exchange for ones in similar condition. On offer are...
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    UK Tick Borne Lyme Disease - Awareness

    I've just been talking to a young lady who was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease despite not having recently left the environs of Cheltenham Spa. The diagnosis was based purely on the appearance of the bulls-eye rash with no other symptoms being present and the treatment was a course of...
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    aluminum camping cookset (are they harmful)

    Whilst it is true that increased levels of aluminium has been found in some Alzheimers sufferers, it is not known for certain how it gets there. Aluminium is an element that is found literally everywhere and is in tea and other common substances including stomach antacids which is a little...
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    Stainless woodgas stove

    I picked one up for two quid in a local charity shop. Brand new & never been used. The lady behind the counter said she didn't know what it was and i told her it was a little camping cooker. Quite a bargain, i thought.
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    Using bio ethanol in an enclosed space

    Interesting article. The problem with methanol for me is that i'm pretty clumsy and at some point or other i'm bound to spill some, probably over myself and the seat i'm sitting on and methanol is pretty nasty stuff to be getting on your skin.
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    Using bio ethanol in an enclosed space

    I did think of getting one but a lot of reviews on the 'net say that they take ages to come to the boil and whilst i have many virtues, patience isn't one of them. :)
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    Using bio ethanol in an enclosed space

    I think I've got the hang of it. To say that bio ethanol is safe and non-toxic may be somewhat misleading as while it may well be less toxic in itself than, say, methanol, it still produces carbon dioxide & carbon monoxide when it burns and is therefore potentially dangerous in an enclosed...
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    Using bio ethanol in an enclosed space

    Thanks for the replies. I've usually got the window open a tad to stop the windows steaming up too much & hadn't given much thought to the co2 level. Funnily enough I quite like the smell of meths which I put down to using a toy steam engine as a kid which was heated by a little meths burner...
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    Using bio ethanol in an enclosed space

    My trusty old Super Bleuet having finally broken down irretrievably, i've been looking around for a replacement. I fancy using an alcohol stove (i've got a couple) but it is principally to use in the lorry cab when i brew myself a cuppa while i'm waiting to load and the warnings about fumes from...
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    Dealing with loneliness on a solo trip?

    Fascinating thread. As i understand it, there are two differing approaches to meditation. One is to focus the mind (listen to your thoughts) and one is to empty your mind (to have no thought) and whereas to listen to your thoughts may prove to be difficult, to empty your mind of thought is...
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    Ussen thermals?

    The flight hat is good if you're on the move. Good in temperature around zero with sleet. Good quality, comfortable fit, not too hot and fits into a pocket easy (imho).
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    carinthia gore tex bivi bag center zip xl size

    Yes please. Pm sent.
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    Snugpak Stratosphere 50% off

    Doing a little window shopping tonight I came across this. Seems like a good deal. Click and collect option from the stores apparently. (No connection with seller etc. etc.)